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I guess I should've posted more, because then I could've posted this in the Pep section.

Anyway, before the game came out, I had made this thread:
Full armour in 10 days

...and what happened was everything was fibreglassed the day before the game came out. So I stopped working on it and played for a month.
My one-month Live trial was up so I told myself to try and finish the rest by Halloween. That didnt happen and here we are.

Here is where the armour currently stands:

I made cardboard cutouts to create the details... this turns out to be a mistake...
The helmet was made from a Halo 2 Pep file. It is now converted into Halo3 variant with the cardboard add-ons and Bondo-Glass.

The things is, I was being impatient, and tried to rush the bondo and sanding process. Certain areas I either sanded too hard and the layer of cardboard gets revealed, or there wasn't enough bondo there.

And now I learned my lesson, I'm gonna take my time and try to finish it one piece at a time.
Here's where I need expert advice.
- Should I have used something other than Bondo-Glass? (The selection at my Walmart was very confusing.)
- Should I redo the helmet with a H-3 Pep file?
- Should I scrap the cardboard add-ons for something else? If so, what?
- How can I salvage this helmet?

And any other advice would be great. I'm gonna take my time now... gonna go play some Slayer.

More pictures:





I love the cardboard detailing idea. I've been using Bondo Body Filler in the red container. Not the glass. I'm not sure of the difference. Just make sure you put enough bondo on so when you sand it you don't go all the way through. Don't give up on that wonderful helmet!
bondo glass is bad. its like bondo body filler, fiberglass fibers, and resin all mixed together. its tough to work with when wet, and really hard to sand when dry.

just resin the piece with a few coats, then go over the whole thing with Bondo body filler. a lot of people make things harder on themselves because they dont file, or "cheese grate" the body filler while its still semi soft. if you try again, attempt it that way.
Judging by all the pieces laying there, you've probably spent a decent amount of time constructing it all. The helmet isn't that bad, I'v seen worse ;) just take your time with it and if you get frustrated walk away and do something else. Pick up some body filler at your local auto parts store should be easier to work with, do what Optimusaint has suggested and it should come out fine. Just remember to start shaving off excess while it's still tacky or you'll be there sanding the stuff for days. Goodluck!

I hate to say this... but at some point its better to start from a good base, and work you way good... then start of from a bad one to work your way good. If you have enough time, you may find it more rewarding, and the final product better if you start a new helm. If you choose to do so, use a body filler, that does not have the resin, or glass added... just a two part, basic body filler, filer and hardener. Put it on in thin layers so you don't loose the overall shape of your helm to the heaped on masses of body filler... its better to work your way up, than work your way down.
That helmet could be fixed... with some serious time, and a dremel. What you need to decide for yourself is if it'll take less or more time to do that than to start over...

I think you could fix this one up in a few evenings of work... how long did it take the first time around?
Exactly what Sean said, you are so good at the short sweet and to the point... and the dremel is amazing... be careful, its quick to...
The first bondo application was done in one day. First sanding took 3 hours. I shouldn't have rushed it for halloween. Good advice, Sean and Spase.

Also, should I ditch the cardboard idea? I've glued up the chest piece and cod piece, and some parts of the boots.
In my opinion I think it kinda looks a little cool like that. Looks like you were in a fight with a brute that lasted 6 months.
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