Project "Head Hunter" (3D Print)

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Hi all! Here's is a post regarding my next project for 2023. I am planning of getting a 3d printer by the end of the year, and planning on printing an entire suit and weapons. I am currently working on a foam build at the time of this post. As for the theme of my next build I will be doing a Halo Reach mk. 5 with the Reach magnum pistol and sniper rifle. As the title says, I am going for a "Head hunter" style sniper specialist. To complete this theme I will be using the haunted helmet. As for colors I'm thinking very dark grey/black with red leds (menacing). A red energy sword would be so sick. As of now I have no concept drawings to showcase what I'm planning, but here's a model of the helmet.
Will post updates once I have the printer and materials. Planning on getting a Artillary SW x2 300x300x400.
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Wooooo pair that helmet with Emile's Security pauldron, that would look badass with a kukri, I'm pretty excited with your concept man! (Watching)
Thx! Can't go wrong with the emile shoulder/kukri combo
Definitely not, hmmm left shoulder, hmmm lets see, your primary is the SR55, soooo maybe the sniper shoulder, like Jun, that would be cool, eh, your got like forever to decide on that, either way, can't wait to see it come to life
Hi again. As of now I have completed my first full build and taken it to my first con. With first experiences comes lessons learned and I can't wait to apply them to this build. As of now I am in brainstorming phase (as well as giving myself a break from crafting lol). I have a few months before I start building, so this will give me time to take inspiration and ideas from others to help better my build. Here is what my plans are at the moment:

Once I get a printer, I plan on starting small so the magnum will go first, weapons and then I'll work my way up to armor. I plan on doing another hybrid, with a mix of filament, foam, and other materials.
Weapons: magnum (version TBD), Battle Rifle (Infinte), Sniper Rifle (Reach), Blood Blade (energy sword: version TBD)
Sparten: III
Armor: Mark V Gen 3 (Infinite version)
Head: Haunted Helmet w/ all attachments (Reach)
Right/Left shoulder: Skullbearer (infinte) / sniper (Reach) (TBD on which shoulders go where). Here is the Skullbearer shoulder, for those who are not familier:

Left Gauntlet: Tatical / UGPS
Right Gauntlet: TBD
Handplates: Default (Infinite)
Chest: Tatical/Patrol (Reach w/ my variation) w/ magnet for battle rifle
Cod piece: Default
Right Thigh: magnet for Magnum
Left Thigh: Hard case (Reach) (Pretty much standard for all my present and future cosplays :D)
Knees: FJ/PARA (think Emile's knees)
Shins: Default (might add something later)
Boots: Default
LEDs WILL be present, as I think it will enhance the theme of the build.
Challenges: undersuit, strap system, many more down the road.
Not sure how to tackle this one, but I think I'll use KitKatGoose's method for a Reach undersuit.

This is all I have for now. This is my biggest project yet, but there is no deadline. So taking my time with each piece will be beneficial in the long run. I estimate 1-2 years of on/off work with summers being the bulk of my work. Until next time!
Small update on this project. The extended time for brain storming has helped me narrow down, change, and finalize what I actually want to do for this build. I'll post a larger post talking about changes I made to my final idea. The only thing that will not change is the haunted helmet. That is the key defining feature and will remain part of the build plan. Also katana. Yep I'll be printing and adding a katana to my arsenal. I think by December when I recieve my 3d printer is when I exit out of brainstorming phase and move into build phase. I should mention that the biggest change is that I am moving from mark 5 core to mark 6 gen 3 core (master cheif's halo infinte armor). I like the bulckiness of the armor and I feel like it gives off more of an intimidating presence vs mark 5 . That's all for now, we are getting closer to December!
Hey again! Just got into 3d modeling using blender. I plan on modifying existing files as well as making my own for this project. Jeffw733 has made an amazing tutorial on how to create my custom spartan using Surasia's sparten model pack. So I can finally showcase my WIP model without needing to draw it. Here are some snapshots:

Glad to have a visual of what im planning to do. Again this is a WIP, so this is subject to change and/or add more.
Until next time!
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