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Hi all! Here's is a post regarding my next project for 2023. I am planning of getting a 3d printer by the end of the year, and planning on printing an entire suit and weapons. I am currently working on a foam build at the time of this post. As for the theme of my next build I will be doing a Halo Reach mk. 5 with the Reach magnum pistol and sniper rifle. As the title says, I am going for a "Head hunter" style sniper specialist. To complete this theme I will be using the haunted helmet. As for colors I'm thinking very dark grey/black with red leds (menacing). A red energy sword would be so sick. As of now I have no concept drawings to showcase what I'm planning, but here's a model of the helmet.
Will post updates once I have the printer and materials. Planning on getting a Artillary SW x2 300x300x400.
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Hi again. As of now I have completed my first full build and taken it to my first con. With first experiences comes lessons learned and I can't wait to apply them to this build. As of now I am in brainstorming phase (as well as giving myself a break from crafting lol). I have a few months before I start building, so this will give me time to take inspiration and ideas from others to help better my build. Here is what my plans are at the moment:

Once I get a printer, I plan on starting small so the magnum will go first, weapons and then I'll work my way up to armor. I plan on doing another hybrid, with a mix of filament, foam, and other materials.
Weapons: magnum (version TBD), Battle Rifle (Infinte), Sniper Rifle (Reach), Blood Blade (energy sword: version TBD)
Sparten: III
Armor: Mark V Gen 3 (Infinite version)
Head: Haunted Helmet w/ all attachments (Reach)
Right/Left shoulder: Skullbearer (infinte) / sniper (Reach) (TBD on which shoulders go where). Here is the Skullbearer shoulder, for those who are not familier:

Left Gauntlet: Tatical / UGPS
Right Gauntlet: TBD
Handplates: Default (Infinite)
Chest: Tatical/Patrol (Reach w/ my variation) w/ magnet for battle rifle
Cod piece: Default
Right Thigh: magnet for Magnum
Left Thigh: Hard case (Reach) (Pretty much standard for all my present and future cosplays :D)
Knees: FJ/PARA (think Emile's knees)
Shins: Default (might add something later)
Boots: Default
LEDs WILL be present, as I think it will enhance the theme of the build.
Challenges: undersuit, strap system, many more down the road.
Not sure how to tackle this one, but I think I'll use KitKatGoose's method for a Reach undersuit.

This is all I have for now. This is my biggest project yet, but there is no deadline. So taking my time with each piece will be beneficial in the long run. I estimate 1-2 years of on/off work with summers being the bulk of my work. Until next time!

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