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Questcon Oct 20-22

Discussion in 'Southern Regiment' started by Bucs37DK, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Bucs37DK


    Greetings Spartans and Helljumpers,

    Your Pensacola based Fireteam Poseidon is going to be attending Questcon (Home) in Mobile, Al Oct 20-22 as a fan table. Our table will be next to the Visionary Entertainment drop pod. So Halo goodness all around. Additionally, we will be selling raffle tickets for some props to raise money for Operation Supply Drop (https://operationsupplydrop.org/). OSD is a charity that benefits veterans by sending video games, consoles, and other forms of digital entertainment to them downrange. It's an excellent cause that we can support as a group.
    We'd love to see more of our brethren there, so please consider attending if you are in the area.
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  2. Austin3991


    Can't wait for this event!
  3. Bucs37DK


    Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that Fireteam Poseidon will be hosting a booth at QuestCon this weekend. Hope to see you there!
  4. Bucs37DK


    We just got back from QuestCon! There along with our squadmates in the 405th Southern Regiment - Halo Costumes and Props we supported Operation Supply Drop. Thanks to the generosity of the attendees and vendors like Michael J. Allen, R. Kyle Hannah - Writer, Underground FX Lab, The Week in Geek Radio Show, and The Airship Aberrant we were able to raise over $400 for this worthy cause!

    Cant wait for our next event, Emerald Coast Con. Where we will be raising money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
  5. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Great news Bucs37DK! Please send along any photos from the event you or any of the other members may have taken and share here and on our Southern Regiment FB page. i will see to it that arma358 shares across the regiments! Please also send along any photos when the donations are handed over if done in person! Thank you all for representing the 405th at QuestCon! brkiker Also please report on the weekends events!
  6. arma358

    arma358 PR Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Bucs37DK, I did see the pictures on Twitter. When you've got a chance, if you've got a link on Facebook, I'll share it. :)
  7. Bucs37DK


    Fire Team Poseidon
    Here is the page we posted the event writeup and a few pictures.
  8. Bucs37DK


    Will do, pictures are attached. Already shared the post with southern. The delivery will most likely not be in person unfortunately. That being said, I'll be sure to spread words from OSD. It was our pleasure to represent the organization. Hopefully, this charity work will be the start of on going work in the 405th. Our next event will be Emerald Coast Con supporting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
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