Question about boots.

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Okay so I was looking at the pepakura thing with one of the boot files loaded and I was wonder how exactly this is supposed to work? To elaborate a little bit, there are 3 solid pieces to the boot, the front, back, and the bottom piece. But there is one problem, the bottom piece would be completely flat and I cant exactly fiberglass it because walking would be a pain in the arse.
Not to mention it would crack up and what not pretty much right away. So what am I supposed to do? Just take away the bottom piece and attach the other two pieces to a pair of shoes? If so how? And what would I need to make it so my shoe laces don't show through and look all retarded?

Help is always appreciated, thanks.
tserrof said:
dont put on the bottom piece and build the rest around a black shoe

Another note.. if you add enough layers of fiberglass you could just screw or rivet the boot pieces to your boots ;)
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i also cut the bottom in half.. and then im goin to resin and screw it into shoe.... the reaso behind cutting it in halfis caus i didnt want it to bend then break when i walked.. and the cut will make itso it dosnt do that
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