Question about JediFraz's PDO's

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I'm new to the site and just found this site out of pure luck and am totally in the process of making my helmet and Chest piece as we speak. i have a camera on my phone and will put up pictures once i can... i'm really impressed by this site and hopefully i can become an active member as well.. the goal is to have the suit done before i graduate from college in may... then i ship out for 4 months of training... anyways....

I'm guessing the PDO's from JediFraz from the sticky: Tutorial: How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor.. is for the Mark V version of the Armor from halo 1... and the PDO's from Slyfo is the Mark VI version from halo 2 and 3... am i right or way off??? I've tried to search around the forums for an answer .. but can't seem to get my facts straight...

Thanks again!
Halo 1 (or Halo CE): Mark V Armor - Sigma-LS has files in pep download database.

Halo 2: Mark VI Armor - Jedifraz has files in how to use pep to make mjolnir armor

Halo 3: Mark VII Armor (though it is largely the same as Mark VI) - Slyfo and FlyingSquirrel both have at least H3 helmets done in various threads.

Hope this helps, everybody seems to mix them all up all the time.
ok cool... i'm currently using the files from jedifraz and making the Mark VI armor then...

thanks guys!
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