Question about surface artifact on 3D print


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I have printed out about half of my armor so far and the last 4 prints have been having surface artifacts that only occur on the tops of steep overhangs that have supports under them. It does it at seemingly random spots and was wondering if anybody else has experienced this and could offer any advice.

I am using an original CR-10 with an upgraded bi-metal heat break. I am using Overture PETG and printing at 245° with bed at 80°. The printing speed is 60mm/s for walls, 70mm/s for supports and internal infill, and I believe 25 mm/s for bridges. I am using OrcaSlicer if that makes a difference.

Never mind! I found out it was the scarf joints in OrcaSlicer! The artifacts line up perfectly with where the scarf seams occur in the slicer. Hope this hopes somebody else if they experience this as well!

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