Question on the MA5C

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If anyone can tell me where the magazine release is on the Assault rifle, that would be awesome. I've been searching the H3 renders and can't find it. I can find it on the MA5B but not the new one, peace-
By magazine release, the button you press so the magazine gets out of the gun?

As far as I know, it's always near your right Index, so you can press it fast. For H3 renders, sorry, I can't find some who shows the "magazine release button"
i didn't even know that it HAD a release button. Did you want to know so that you could make a removable magasine? If so that would be SO COOL!!!!
yes, that is exactly what i mean, press the button and the magazine is able to be pulled out...but with the AR I'm making you press a button and it auto ejects the magazine along with some other cool goodies, peace-
yeah i guess it could hit the floor, that's a good thing to think about too. but if you really think about it, you know when you're going to press the eject button, so you know to turn the gun sideways or position your hand under it to catch it. the thing sticking out by the thumb on the MA5C is the safety I believe. It's a pretty big safety though. Unless that's the button that throws the bolt forward after it gets locked back on the last round it fires in the magazine. I may just be confusing myself now. On the MA5B, the magazine release was just forward of the trigger and up a little...on both sides. Which doesn't make any sense because the clip is in the rear of the rifle. I guess I may just have to get creative.
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