Quick question about Fiberglass Resin

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How toxic is it? What kind of precautions should I take when working with it? Gloves, breathing mask, goggles? Will it do any harm if I get i on my skin? When working with it, how much effort should I put into not breathing it?
Resin isnt meant to be used everyday, because even with the proper protection it will still harm you.

Wear Gloves (It burns your skin if it gets on. You dont want blotches all over your skin from the chemical burns)
Wear a mask (the fumes are extremely toxic, and can give you lung cancer if you dont use the proper safety precautions)
Wear goggles (Yes, the fumes are even toxic for your eyes. You can go blind from the stuff)

As long as you wear the proper protection you are good to go, and making stuff out of resin is really fun.
What kind of mask would you recommend? I got started resining last night, but all I had was a disposable mask for yard work and such, so I wore that. I was kind of paranoid though, so I held my breath and ran out of the garage each time I had to breathe. :p
While this isn't the cheapest model on the market, I purchased this one:
Professional Respirator from Home Depot

I think I probably spent about as much on safety gear as I did everything else for my armor hehe. Got to be safe tho right :).

Someone else might be able to offer a more economical version.

Yep... latex/vinyl disposable gloves are a must.

So... to recap, you will need.

1. A quality cartridge style respirator approved for fumes/vapors
2. Disposable gloves
3. Saftey glasses/goggles

Work in a well ventilated area, like a garage with the door wide open, or work outside.

Don't freak out too bad if you get some on your skin/clothing. Just try to remove with some acetone or solvent before it starts to cure and heat up.

Follow all the instructions and safetry warning provided on the packaging labels.
For respirator use, check out the 3M Organic respirators on Amazon.com. I got a nice disposable one that gives you about 35-40 hours of use for around $27 after shipping.
Will this mask be sufficient? I'm on a budget so I can't spend too terribly much on things, and I still have to buy the motorcycle helmet replacement visor.
HI everyone:

You should use a Respirator with an organic solvent cartrige to protect yourself properly.

DO NOT USE a dust mask when applying the resin but it is MUST when you sand the stuff. You do not want to breath in the dust.
I have another question. I resined my helmet a while ago (Few days) and it still smells like resin. After all the safety mask stuff and the gloves and all that I used to put the resin on, I'm hesitant to put my head in the thing if it still smells. Is it okay to breathe it after it's dried and cured?
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