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Apparently I cannot post in the other sections due to a forum change, so I will post my question here.

I have finished fibreglassing my helmet, and it is now sanded down and smooth. I have not resined or fibreglassed the mask, as it will be cut out.

When should I cut out the mask, BEFORE I bondo, or AFTER I bondo.


Resin Coat
Resin Coat 2
Resin Coat Inside
Fibreglass Coat outside
Leave it in when using bondo the peak will become heavy and could bend and distort the helmet, I'd suggest first doing the bondo then remove the mask and then touch up any area that may have been affected by doin this.
depends, i think most people use cloth on the inside, rather than mat on the outside, i suppose either would work....
how will it remove your details, as long as you dont stress any joints when applying, it will dry the correct shape
ok cool, i still think i will do the inside, how many coats of resin are suggested? i was going to do three, but what do most people do
Most people do 2 outside, 1 inside, 1 fiberglass inside, then glob resin over it.

So really in the end in comes out to 2 inside, 2 outside.

i do mine

resin outside
resin inside
resin outside
fiberglass inside
resin the glass
sand outside lightly
wel the steps you described is exactly what i was planning on, only with one of the insides being an outside. I will probably do one on the inside still though even though im doing three on the outside, so i will have 3 out, and 2 in
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