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So I've decided to rework my rakshasa kit with new pieces, strapping, color and helmet for the time being.

I was happy with the initial build but since wanted some more details in the pieces and a different chest attachment and to align with more in-game coating. I went with the basesteal I always tend to go with green and tan no clue why. Tho I will be using my gen2 recon helmet while I tear down the Artaius helmet for the new paint, I did a very bad and quick edit of it but you get the idea.

And going with the idea of this set of spartans with the Rakshasa armor being out for extended periods of time and have to make do with what they can. I've made a hunter arm shield as makeshift portable cover / ballistic shield, also given the idea to do a severed arm cannon to go along with it.

I have gotten done afew pieces done, mainly the lower half of the body. I'm not remaking the entirety of the suit just most of it still not sure if I want to use the same shoulders or not, but I'm not using the odst shoulders. I'm open for suggestions on them


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Came to the conclusion to do the SAP/CQC plate for my left arm and it kinda just looks right paired with the recon. And I also have the unfolds from infinite for said 2 shoulders


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It's been a productive week, got cqc recon done and the spdr trapdoor took all day but got it finished. All that's left is the forearms and possibly remaking the chest plate not sure on that yet


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It's been a little bit since updated, I got base tan and green on over the weekend. Also I thought the shield looks a bit barren in the middle so I added some details so give something and gotten it ready for paint


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Got the second coat of base color and the secondary tan color on, I might go over the tan again on the green pieces just to make sure it's not patchy. Then a black & brown wash and strapping everything. Still need to work on the undersuit for it


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