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So I got to talking with a good friend Fiss.of.fury over on IG and decided that she wants to retire her Kat armor and make her spartan from infinite. I told her I'd be glad to help her out with that and this is what she came up with. The mk.5b core with the Morrigan helmet and odst shoulders, the red bits are her new helmet and bits carried over from Kat. I've got a quick project to finish up for someone and then it's to get this spartan operational

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Today was pretty productive I suppose. Got knees and both shins (reach female files) finished up, now need to reinforced the seams with glue. Up next is the thighs for the infinite build. I plan on posting the foam files for the infinite mk.v(b) for the infinite thighs and shins tomorrow


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One forearm is done along with the tac pad, magnets are magical. Tho I did mess up on the tac pad with the raised part. I had in on the "B" bottom which points inwards instead of outward, but tomorrow hasn't been touched yet.


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Got the other arm all finished. These have to be the best biceps I've built so far and the odst pads are size perfectly I think big but not too big. Just need to finish reinforcing the seams and seal it before I hand them off to Fissoffury so she can do her magic with painting.


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