1st Build Recommended STLs and electronics?


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Hi all,

I just joined the 405th (thank you Facebook recommendations) and am interested in doing an ODST cosplay. I'm currently working my way through a Mando build and am competent with 3D printing.

That being said, are there community recommended shops for STLs I should be prioritizing? A lot of Mando Builders use galactic armory and that shop has . Also, is there a good guide on in helmet electronics?

Thans in advance!
For files, I’d definitely recommend checking out the free 3D mode index:

There are definitely shops around that sell ODST files, but I’m not personally familiar with their quality. I do happen to know quite a few ODST’s however who might know. I’ll link you to a post where I’ve linked their profiles and build threads. It’s definitely worth looking at:

There are a few guides around for helmet electronics. Here is a link to the tutorial index where you can find them (I think if you are using google chrome it will take you directly to the electronics section, otherwise you will have to scroll down to find it)

I hope you find these resources helpful!

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