reach gungnir helmet build

the OG odst

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hi everyone, i recently started getting myself into 3d printing and bought a printer for my favorite hobby, making halo armor for cosplay, but anyway i recently brainstormed the idea of making the reach gungnir helmet with a night vision scopecam display for the inner view, so far ive printed a majority of the front of the helmet, i still have a decent amount left still (like 2/3rds of the rest) to print, after its all done printing i think im going to make a silicone mold of it to make copies, but i was wondering if anyone had any interest in buying some raw casts once ive finished all that, its probably going to be a while before the molding stage even starts as the other 2/3rds of the rest takes like 4 days total to print, on top of smoothing out the actual print, but just gauging any interest on this helmet since theres not very many posts of this helmet completed using 3d printing here