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hey a cuple days ago I started making real mc armor totaly bullet proof
so far im still shaping the steel plating for the chest and I ordered
some dragon skin :hyper: :hyper: its goint to be soooooooooooo
cool :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
Ya man i know that the idea of real MC armor is super sweet, but you better make sure that you have some sort of cooling system or at least good ventilation. I mean i guess if knights used to wear metal armor you might be ok, but you might want to seriously consider integrating a cooling system.

If I am remembering correctly in the movie (old one ) Dune, on the desert planet they wore these cooling/ moisture suits, they where basically like a body suit that constantly flowed water around the body to keep it cool. o guess if you are going all out you could do it, what you whould have to do is make like two body suits the same size, and then heat seal them together so that it is water tight, and heat seal seams all through ought so it doesn't expand too much and at the same time creats a path for water flow. if you could get a small pump you can pump water thour the suit in essence keeping you cool. The suits would have to be made of plastic or something like milar so you would still need some ventilation.

I hope you know what you are infor making real MC armor, this is gonna be a huge financial commitment, and extremely challenging to problem solve for all the thing like this.
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please note that the mc armor in the books weighed in at 500lbs! the way the spartan survived in the suit was it was an exoskeleton meaning it had its own "muscles". not trying to flame or anything just pointing out some stuff.

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I'm sorry, I find myself not believing a word of this except maybe that he's building a MC suit. For one, totally bulletproof would require a lot more than just steel plating. For example a sniper could easily punch through any thickness steel that would be wearable. That's why the military uses ceramic in their armor and even that isn't impenetrable to armor piercing.

Secondly for "real" MC armor, you would need technology beyond our current level and even if we had it, it would be really expensive.

Thirdly, not to be mean but the composition of the first post makes me think of a person under 15 years old without the technological skill required for such a feat.

Not trying to bash but I want to see some proof that he can actually do this before I start believing him or her.

But, master_chief don't be dissuaded by my pessimistic point of view! Prove me wrong and make some awesome armor.
why would you want steel plating if you got dragon skin? Steel plating is bullet proof up to a point depending on thickness but it still weighs a ton and most it is rated level 2. Dragon Skin on the other hand is still in prototype form and cheapest at best being made to fit a MC suit would be 7000+ soo I find yoru story highly unbelievable. Unless you're rich full of money I don't see anyone else having to afford such thing.
im all for someone making a sweet mc armor, but i wear my kevlar and k-pot and that is already makes me sweat. that could definetly screw you
Oh you all wait and see. You'll be soooo sorry that you ever doubted this guy when he shows up on the news taking over the world!
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