Red vs. Blue Tucker and Princess Caboose Build

JD of Asgard

I see where you were talking about the helmet being warped and it looks like it even twisted slightly. I had something similar to this happen to my chest and back pieces when I put the first resin on them. I used a heat gun and pieces of a wooden stake to untwist the warp. I was thinking if you put some liquor thinner and water in a small container, brushed a light coat over one area and heated it you might be able to save it. I didn't use foam underneath though so I would try this out on a piece of scrap first just to make sure it doesn't eat it.
It looks good so for and good luck!
I'm not 100% sure where I went wrong. The foam might not have been lined up properly to begin with, maybe the weather effected the resin, I'm not totally sure. I did realize that I started in the wrong direction. I started with the top of the helmet and once that dried I moved on to the lower half. Maybe all that added weight caused the foam to shift before I could do the rest. I did it the reverse way this time and didn't have that problem.

JD of Asgard

'The rivets and foam details came out looking pretty nice after plastidip! I even cut some details in to add a little more depth.

It's crazy to me how different this build feels from the last. I have 3 kids now instead of just the 2, but I guess that's helping because I make sure to do much more set up due to limited time and make sure that the limited time I have is used effectively. I also edited the template just a bit on the inside so that these fit WAAAAY better than my last build. I'll probably still secure them with a snap to the undersuit, but it fits so well they may not even be that necessary.


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They may fit very well now.....but later on after wearing it for a while.....bumping in to people at a con and just moving around will shift things.....I say still go w/ securing it. Great work.

JD of Asgard


Just a little update on my project. Forearms are finished as well as the shoulders. I've got one hand finished building and working on the other today. I'm a little nervous because I didn't really do the full build for my hands last time and even then it wasn't that great. Here's hoping they turn out as great as these pieces!