Republic Commando 2.0

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This is a game rip that was previously posted a while back. I have heavily modified it to add more detail in places, corrected inaccuracies, and optimized for pepakura.
Credit for the original model goes to whoever modeled it for the Lucasfilm game.
The unfold prints to 19 (Letter sized) pages at 300mm tall. It may be a bit big (I printed Skip's RC at this scale and it fit great. I am 6'3"), but scaling it down should go quickly since you don't have to cut/paste the development to make it fit in the page borders. I used small headphone speakers as aerators for the one that I made for myself and it looked great. I was thinking about using a voice amp with them, but they may not be powerful enough to make a difference in volume.
There is a floating face of the back vents in the back of the helmet, but it is just a reference, as is the optional chin greeble between the aerators (I have seen so many "official" variations that I just put the simplest one there). I will have the rank/class modifications done soon. (as seen in the game and the animated series) They will attach to the back of the helmet and to the ears where applicable.

This will be my last freebie for a while. :(

This pic doesn't do it justice, but take a look at the pdo and let me know what you think.
Download it here!
holy Shab! That is great! I tried doing something like this myself, but could never get the dome right.... thanks a lot DB! I'll get right on pepping this beastie!
Wow man that's great! I've been trying for years to do a Commando pep, but I haven't been able to find a full armor set, only bits and pieces. Skip has one but he only sells it
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