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Hey everyone I had something i would like to ask in the way of Help with a class project. A little about this project.
Im a second year collage student taking a sociology class about virtual/tangible communities. In this project for this class m looking for people to do a interview with me so that I can gather data on this community to put in to the 30-40 page research paper that is the final part of this project.

What Im looking for is just a handful of people who are willing to answer a few questions on there experiences with the community and about the DIY project in general.

As a disclaimer no personal data will be shared all usernames and even the website name will not be used in the paper to help protect the participants if this data would ever be used for something else. As well as if any participants would like to get a copy of the data and paper that can be arranged.

If anyone would like to participate or has any questions feel free to message me on here and ill be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.
By what means are you doing the interview? Are you just sending an email of questions that we answer and send back? Or is this over the phone or something like that.
I'm not sure if the mail is going to get over the wall Schankerz.....even still.....I remember what you told me about the Canadian Postal Service......your words not mine..... apologies. I've been bogged down by work and by the time I remember....I'm already down for the night. I'l get it out tonight since I have to go to the Post office anyway.
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