Resin & Fiberglassing questions

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Ok guys, I just finished putting on 2 light coats of resin on my foot piece, and for some reason I think I'm doing it wrong, so I have some questions, and if you answer them it well be very appreciated.
First of all, how hard is the piece supposed to be after putting two light coats of resin on it?
When I put fiberglass inside, do I put fiberglass first, then resin it, or is it resin, fiberglass, then resin again?
and how long will it take for resin to dry? thank you guys all! :D
well when u resin ur peice it wont seem real hard but with the cloth it should seems harder also i didnt cloth my foot becuase it seemed like a waste. what else.......... resin dries in around 15 minutes but i suggest waiting 30-1 hour until u touch the piece also use a respirator when resining if not u may get cancer brain damage etc

hope that helped
Fiberglass tut:

resin inside lightly

wait for it to dry

use elmers glue, glue small peices of fiberglass strips to the inside, cover most of it, not everything needs to be fiberglassed

wait for it to dry

glob resin over it, wait 2 hours in the hot sun, paint.
When I was messing with my pep helmet, I used the fiberglass cloth, cut the cloth into manageable strips roughly 8 inches long by 3 inches wide. I dipped the strips into the resin, gave both side an even coat than laid them into the various nooks and crannies. Once I had the entire inside layered with the fiber cloth strips, I coated it again with another layer of just the resin. Cure times depend on how much hardener you add to your resin, I think mine started to goop up within 15 minuets or so and was completely dry a couple hours later.
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