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I have some questions about building with foam.
1. Is 10 or 12mm a good size for overall building? I've heard 2mm is good for details.
2. When I print out the templates for a piece of armor, if I just cut out the foam by how I traced it, will I get the desired piece?
1. Yes 10 or 12mm are good for overall building. I use 10mm and prefer it, 12mm if you want to buy those harbor freight matts for cheap, otherwise 10mm is a cheaper and just as sturdy.
I would suggest to get one 6mm foam sheet for smaller pieces that need a little structure but not the rigidness of 10mm+. However you can easily get by with a whole suit just using 10-12mm, many have.

2. Depends on the templates, but for pieces that connect at an angle you will want to bevel cut your foam. here's more to explain.
+If your pieces connect straight with no angles then you would just cut at a 90 degree/straight cut.
+If your pieces for example attach at a corner where it will be a 90 degree angle, you would want to cut a bevel into the foam at about 45 degrees on each foam edge.
like this picture

let me know if you have anymore questions. usually if the angle is under 15 degrees beveling is negligible and you can just bend the foam or make a cut in the back of it.
no problem, don't forget to check the tutorial section of the forum, theres a lot better details and explanations for what I was saying. good luck :)
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