Retro's Noble 6 WIP


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Well with spoilers from Halo Reach floating around on the internet I figured I'd make up my own...

FAKE SPOILER: Noble 6 kills the Covenant, moves to a nice backwater planet and lives the rest of his life in peace... Gaining a few pounds in the process...

And here's proof:

Chief's getting a little fluffy...

I actually have lights on the legs now too and all the pieces minus one knee plate are 100% pepped/resined/finished. More pictures will be added tonight.

Thoughts? :)


Great color! Colors are definitely difficult to deal with unless you have an airbrush and know how to mix paints, especially since you only find certain colors in rattle cans. I have like 3 or 4 different colors going into my ODST armor to achieve the right look. Did you get lucky and find an exact color? Or did you have to mix and match?


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I was actually able to get an almost perfect match. :)

Fun fact: There are only three different colors on this armor, minus the blue I used for the lights. :p

1. Black
2. Textured Gray
3. Primer

The battle scarring was actually done by sanding the edges on the armor, allowing the natural imperfections to shine. :)


That's not what I meant..
By curve around the outside of the thigh piece, it seems to have a lot of room to move around on you...

Does it?


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It does, but I actually sized it for that exact reason, it gives me a lot more room to maneuver. ;)

Also the left thigh piece turned out pretty warped, I'm going to re-pep it later.