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You're driving a 2-seater sports car in the heavy rain in the middle of the night. The road is empty of cars, it appears you're the only one on the road tonight.
You keep driving, and you see a bus stop. Your best friend is sitting there, waiting for a bus. You pull over to offer him a ride, and see two other people. To make it easier, the three people sitting at the bus stop are:

1. Your best friend whom you've known for over 10 years. You trust him with your life, and he trusts you with his. You know where he lives, so you think about giving him a ride home.

2. An old lady that looks like she's going to die any minute now. She's wearing a heavy jacket, but is soaking wet. You wonder if she needs to go to the hospital.

3. The most beautiful person you've ever met. This is the love of your life. Your soul mate. You can feel it, and you're certain that it is. (Just to point out that if you're a guy, then this is a girl. If you're a girl, then this is a guy). You would love to get to know him/her better, and you think about offering her a ride to wherever she is she needs to go (after all, she's at a bus stop).

So, three people. For each of them, you have a reason for wanting to give them a ride. However, your car is a 2-seater, meaning you can only give a ride to one of the three.

Heres the answer to another riddle.
You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung. What is it?
Robot Nixon.


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let the chick sit in your lap, let your friend sit in the other seat, and the old ladies already died...


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1. Save the old woman and take her to the emergency room.
2. Rev back to the bus stop and take your best friend home, but talk to the girl first and ask if she needs a ride, if so, rush back and pick her up, or set up a date.

Really the girl isnt important, the old lady is the most important, while your best friend, is second, heck, the girl may just dump you after 2-3 weeks, then because you didnt give your friend a ride, you guys get into a fight, then stop talking for years.


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Pickup the old woman, then come back for your friend, let the hot girl sit by you, then stuff your friend into the trunk of the car and hope the ride to his house isnt bumpy.


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Just drive by fast so your friends doesn't see you, he was probibly not going to his house anyway if he was taking the bus. And forget the rest of the people, you don't know them.


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CemreTas said:
Arrgh, you have to get ALL the people.
None correct, no one is closer than frost's first post.
im just going wit the moment here :p
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Let your friend drive the lady to the hospital while you chat up the hot girl on the bus?

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Lend your buddy your car to drive the old lady to the hospital and then himself home and stay all alone with the chick at the bus stop where you'de get a chance to know her better (plus you could call a cab for both of you).

Or you could go Dominos style on the old lady and stick her in the trunk.

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This is what you do.

Have your best friend drive the old lady to the hospital. Since he's your BEST friend who you've known for a while you know he will return it. Then stay with the girl. Chat with her till her bus comes, give her your jacket, and get a date.

Since people naturally dont trust other people with their cars this is made to go against that natural reaction.

You guys got any riddles? Oh, and like that Robo nixon one?


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That's easy, Today, :p but heres one, How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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