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  1. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have trouble with pieces rubbing together when they move? Its mostly my leg pieces and arm pieces.
  2. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    if u strap them up right, they shouldnt.
  3. grid 187

    grid 187 Member

    I agree, also It depends on the size of the piece that makes this a problem :( , but i'm sure nobody can get away from horse shoeing :tutu: :lol:
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  4. AoBfrost

    AoBfrost Well-Known Member

    Scale the peices right and they will fit perfect unless you are heavy set, there is no way to scale armor for people larger than the chief around the waist, the only way is to modify the finished peice yourself, such as cutting the torso front and back into 2 peices, then adding cardstock to the shoulders and waist to be larger.
  5. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Im really a skinny person. But I do have a longer torso and shorter legs and arms. Ive already trimmed off some of the arm pieces and I think I got them where I want them. Its mainly the legs now. I think im gonna trim some off of the thighs and I think that will fix it. (pic from front look at the knees.)
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  6. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    that all looks good, how long did that take ya?
  7. honest insanity

    honest insanity Active Member

    I also had that issue with my thigh/knee parts. But i didnt want to trim it (leaving room for growth? haha)
    What i did was, take some of the industrial strength velcro and put a small piece of the "soft" side on the knee.
    it still rubs but wont scratch/make noise or any of the annoying stuff it did before.
    and its always removable!
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  8. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    10 days with the help of my awesome girlfriend.
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