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Just thought i would post that i can take a picture of anything in multiplayer or singleplayer from any angle and stuff so if u guys want a picture of somthing post it and ill get that for ya asap. Yeah so if u want a picture of a guy firing a sniper and still see the shell comming out i can do that or a guy getting hit in the face by a sniper or whatever u want.
Can you get a pic of the IOHBOY texture on Metropolis? I'm not entirely sure where it is, but I'll get back to you on that. The camera supposably switches to the texture if get in the banshee too early when trying to the Scarab Gun (which I've gotten before). It apperently stands for I'm Only Here Because Of You, but that doesn't make sense to me, beause it's a permemnet texture, and not a spawn or trigger. It's also on Miranda Keyes' SMG in some cutscene that I can't remember. I'll do some research on where it is.
link even when i comes out i cant get pics so shhhhhhhhh lol and well about the whatever texture illl try to do some research too, anyone else need a pic for an avatar or anything.
HOLY CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPP ok so i thought why not take some picture of that grunt playing with the master chief doll on legendary on delta halo cutscene, so i did and got some close ups, so then i rememberd there was a halo in a cutscene so i went the great jouney played it when to the cut scene and figured out the halo is really small lol, and the planet and ship next to it is 2-d but yeah i got some awesome pics of it and stuff ill post them later going to go mow the lawn.
Mancubus said:
grunt playing with the master chief doll
Action figure...


As for the broken Halo cutscene, I want to say somewhere in High Charity, but I'm not 100% sure.
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theres just one picture i randomly took im trying to make aplace where i can upload all of them.
ill post pics from cutscens later i captured stuff i have never seen XD, there on my xbox so ill get them asap.
if you give all the primary colors and sybols and crap of your character ill make him and take a picture of him pullin gout his plasma sword in mid air or where ever you want him and what angle you want him at.
Heres some pictures a guy took of me, and im uploading th epictures of the halo and cutscenes as i type so ill post some of those in a second.



ok prepare to be amazed i uploaded a bunch more stuff click my website thing the www under my sig to see them, heres a few of them WOOT!theres a bunch of stuff like the halo and some spaceship i have never seen before and other stuff i cant explain so go go go!!!!

master chief before he puts his helmet on in the cutscene

halo exploding

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Chewdog: Nopes.

Somebodys just got capture card fever! I don't blame you Mancubus, I would be doing the same thing if I had one.

Nice shots BTW. Some neat mods you have there.
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