SDCC 2015 - Who is going? I need assistance


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I hope this is okay to be asking here. I wasn't fully sure. :\

Okay, I have a BIG favor to ask of those that are attending SDCC this year as I am unable to attend, as always. I have been having a pretty hard time finding someone that is going that is WILLING to do a HUGE favor for me.

I also hope that whoever does decide to do this for me is trust worthy. :p

On to business.......

Being the BIG Halo collector that I am, there is going to be a Halo mega blok exclusive at SDCC that you can ONLY get from there. It will not be sold in stores and you have to be there in person to pick it up. I am looking for someone that I can paypal the money to, pick it up from SDCC and then ship it to me afterwards. I will pay for shipping as well. :)

If you like Halo merchandise as well, I will hook you up with a small Halo gift for doing this as well, IF you want it. :p Please let me know if you or know anyone that is willing to help me out. I would be VERY grateful. :)