Sean Bradleys ODST helmet on concept art.

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    I have no idea where this thread should go, but I thought this was a bit funny.

    Just found out the Halo Wars 2 spearbreaker concept art for a scene with one particular ODST is multiple photos painted over. As in, it used multiple sources as an outline.

    When I first saw it, i thought it was a fake photo, because i could see how out of place it was (Atleast in my mind, since it instantly saw these 3 photos i mentioned later) until i found out it was official. My mind went into overdrive deja vu.

    Here’s the original.

    Here’s an overlay using the Helmet from sean bradley that he built for someone named matt, the chest from the Halo landfall publicity photo (WETA) and the legs from the halo 4 master chief publicity photos.

    I’m not altering any of these images except by flipping and scaling them evenly

    Theres no difference.

    It’s funny just thinking that this one guy who was, mind you, paid to draw concepts, just painted over old photos, some that were actually from the community here. xD

    Anyway, so, you ever want a extremely accurate helmet to this picture, I guess you just have to contact sean xD
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    No, it isn’t a coincidence btw. This is a usually despised tactic in the drawing industry because of the lack of originality, so it’s just rare to come across someone who would use it.
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    Also, another thing i noticed.

    what a very familiar pose...


    This is just too funny
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    That is really interesting. Almost like cheating. I feel like a good artist should understand the human form well enough to draw it from scratch themselves. Doesn't really matter, though. I'm sure it's difficult for concept artists to make quality art in a reasonable deadline, so they probably end up using stuff like this to aid them.

    Neat observations you're doing. A very interesting read.
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    not to distract. But the suppressed BR 55 is pretty. <taps fingers on desk> I want one and mmmhhhh take the can from the M7 and mod it onto a BR 55 time me thinks. But on the other front. yes it is an interesting read and comparison.

    Probably my imagination here being rampent. But the trooper in the foreground looking toward the rear and pointing forward. The helmet almost looks a lot like the helmet from the N7 armor in mass effect. At least in my opinion.
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    This is, unfortunately, actually rather common, not just in concept art but in licensed art as well. As costuming has gotten more and more common place and popular a lot of artists have turned to costumers as free reference.

    There is a well known Star Wars artist who frequently simply paints over Star Wars costumers, celebrities, or scenes from the movie and then uses it. It becomes very apparent when he doesn't correct inaccuracies or missing pieces from a kit, that working from actual reference you would know are missing, and yet he keeps getting work and for some reason the people whose images he uses without permission or credit or compensation are told to be happy that they were used for his "Art" and not to complain or be upset.
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    Yup you would be correct Cadet. I know an artist myself that is a bit fond of tracing other peoples art and then modifying it a bit. And he makes a living doing it.

    But on the much better side. Soon to have my own suppressed BR 55. Have to thank the guy for the idea for the new toy for my kit.
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