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and in new york something'll happen at 11:59 while Seattle and LA will have something at 9, but what could it be?
it might not just be the cites but the timezones, atleast i hope cause i dont wanna go all the way to those cities to see if the covenant and flood are raining down from the sky and invading earth or something, thats what the internets for
apparantly, at all of the given times, there was an update to the update was that after all of the given times had passed, latitude/longitude coordinates had apeared ext to the cities... t those coordinates, there were videos being projected onto walls, and within the video was the key to open server 5. in roughly 20 mins after the coordinates appeared, 100 keys were entered and now server 5 was unlocked.. containing:

1- "Log 5" video
2- MB05032.txt
3- Log5_transcript.txt
4- Terminal.jpg
5- Cycle_response.jpg

i hope this was helpful!
Guys! The Seattle location is an area in Asia. Seems to be a mountainous region, the location seems to be a lake. I'm referring to "theartifactlocation" site.
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