Sharpie replacement guide


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I am personally not a fan of sharpies. I work in an industrial field for my income.

I have grown a severe distrust for sharpies. At work if you look at them wrong they stop producing ink. On a good day a sharpie will last me a day. That's a bad ratio.

Being an industrial contractor I always love the next best thing. Let's see if our new tool can make my life easier.

Here is Papa Braus's review of the milwaukee inkzall permanent marker.

I climb all sorts of weird things. I also help fabricate all sorts of weird things while hanging off of a rope. If my marker refuses to in things while in the air I have to find a new one, and I don't like carrying spares.

This is where the milwaukee inkzall cones into play. With a normal sharpie I can expect 1 day of usefulness before I break it. I can't waste that kind of money.

On a whim I bought the inkzall back in 2015. It took 6 months before I broke a single marker. I only broke it because of an extremely hot pipe. 400°F type hot.

For those of you using sharpies for your layouts, give these markers a try. You will save money doing so, and I'll bet you a beer on it if you run into me at a con.

This is nothing more than a tool recommendation, and take it as such, from someone who has loathed sharpies and their inability to handle anything other than paper.


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PlanetAlexander - does that mean you are going to come over here for a con?
You betcha! Sometime...