Sheet Metal Helmet

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I know a guy and he's a sheet metal worker. He's using the pepakura layouts and cutting them out on sheet metal and welding them together.
It's started, but once i find my camera ill take pics!
Well despite all the scuff about people wanting to make/making their own metal armor...i am still curious to see how it would turn out. But on the large scale i still agree that metal armors pros don't out weigh its cons.
I still wanna see though! :mrgreen:
Well its certain that they are heavier than most fiberglass/resin armor. This makes it really hard to strap/velcro your armor to your body:blink: . To make that easier the pepakura would have to be perfectly sized to your body. I think theres a thread somewhere in the forums where Metal Armor was being to find it lol
my friend is a sheet metal worker, he professional does this stuff. and yeah, it wil be a little heavier
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