Siege on the Dragon Cult! (Pic heavy, as always)

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Okay everyone, I'm back! I've been trying to post this for about a week now, but for obvious reasons, I'm only just getting to it.

Now, as the name suggest, I'm doing a Dragon Priest Mask. I have yet to decide if I want to do a full cosplay, or if I just want to do the mask. I'm leaning towards a full costume, but I can't decide what I want to do. I don't want robes, but I'm not sure which armor works best with the mask. I'm thinking about light armor, but I'm open to heavy, too. Suggestions are always welcome!

Anyways, here's what I came here to post, and what I'm sure most of you came too see.



Pep file by JTM

I'm not gonna post all the stages I went through to get the final pattern for the hood, but here are some shots of the finished product.


Here is the neck piece.

And here is the collapsed hood with the spiral pattern.

To get the pattern, I was actually able to find a Dragon Priest hood texture online, then take that and scale it to the actual size. I then printed it on card stock, and cut it out, the sprayed it on the hood.




And here's the hood in action!

Finally, here is the current state of the mask:


These are the details for the forehead.


With a little luck, I can finish the mask this weekend. But I have yet to decide which of the masks I want, mostly because I can't decide on the rest of the costume. I'm currently thinking Volsung.

Hope everyone likes it!

I decided to go with Nahkriin. I finished painting the mask almost two weeks ago, I just haven't had a lot of time to get the pictures up. I painted almost the whole thing by hand, using a sea sponge and a brush. The only thing I didn't do by hand was a white primer.

First, I brushed on a light base color.

Next, I moved to a slightly darker gray.

Then, I filled in with darker grays. By this point, I also filled the mouth and the inter edges of the eyes with black.

The process basically repeats, adding layers of paint. But basically, I used a mix of really dark gray for the inset details, and lighter colors for the raised details.

next, I went back and brushed a black wash into the corners and indents, as well as the rim around the eyes. Then I dry brushed some metallic silver spray on the edges to give it some wear. Finally, I sprayed it with a clear coat, which really helped to give it a metallic shine.

The last thing I have done to it is attach the strapping.

The only thing left to do now is to find some black fabric to put behind the eyes, something thin enough to see through, but not thick enough to block my vision. And I'm think of putting some velcro on top of the head so the hood moves with the mask better. Right now, the hood starts to slide off or twist if I move my head to much.

Let me know what you guys think!
Oh man! I didn't see anyone comment on this over the last few days because it hadn't gotten much attention when I first posted it.

I glad you guys like it! I'm actually studying to become a prop master, so attention to detail is kinda important for me. That, and I just like my props to be accurate. I go one Christmas brake in a couple weeks, so hopefully I'll have some updates to the Skyrim build will be up. I'm currently working on some iron gauntlets.
looking awesome =] +1 sub
amazing quality and the hoods perfect, some pipe cleaners or iron wire stitched around the edges would give it some more definition and help make that point at the top. also, loving the paintjobs =]
im also working on a new mask after selling the last one i made and then well, wanting it back XD
Beautiful work! Maybe instead of a velcro patch you could put push snaps on the strap and hood? or maybe a strip of fabric sewn permanently to the hood with a snap attachment to the mask so it has just a little bit of free-motion.
I'm back with a few updates!

First, since a few people have asked, here is the pattern I used for my Dragon Priest Hood. The original pattern was hand drafted, so I tried to translate that as best as I could to CAD. It should work the same. I had to divide it between a few pages, but unfortunately, there was some clipping around a few edges. I'll try to fix that and do a version 2 release. I'm assuming whoever uses this knows how to sew, but I can make a tutorial if people really need it.

Second, the mask itself is completely finished. I've built a display stand for it, and keep it above my computer.

Finally, I've decided not to do a full Skyrim build. I love the game, and I have a lot of time invested in it, but I am going to put my time in on a different build. Its going to be another suit, but I'm not saying what right now. There will be a build thread when I've made significant progress.

Hope you guys enjoy my work! Let me know if there is a problem or if anyone needs help with the hood pattern.
Whoa nice mask! The hood ties it together so well! I'm working on one as a side project, hope you don't mind me using your patterns for the hood, if I do a build log I'll be sure to link to this thread! Great work!
Thanks guys!

And to get that smooth, I normally work with rondo instead of just bondo. You don't even need a lot of resin, just enough to make the bondo flow easy. Then, after you brush it on, it will start to level itself out. It makes it a lot easier to go back and sand when it starts out close to what you want. The biggest draw back is it goes on thin. Thats normally good, you want as little as possible, but it takes a lot of layers if you wave any sharp corners you need smooth.
Hey, sorry, this is the first time I've checked the forums in like a month.

If you're curious, I used JTM's file for my mask. I don't have the link anymore, but I'm sure you can find it if you search. But the link jbluedue gave you does have tons of other Skyrim files, too.
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