Sniper maker

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holy cow. i ws just about to make a post about this. wierd aint it. i need to make a sniper rifle for myself so ill prolly do it that same way.
Huh i geuss that is pretty weird, i just found this link in a folder on my comp and so i was like hmm why not post it.
he needs to get them made in resin or some type of liquid plastic mold. Wood just is too heavy to lug around (even if it does give a good weight)
Would rather drasticly increase the price though and, based off my experiences with resin, reduce durability?

Though there are parts I would definatly avoid doing in wood, I'm cutting mine primarily out of mdf and then cladding with ABS for detail and finish.
We should invite this guy to the site and compare notes with him, make suggestions etc. I'm sure theres plenty of people here that would be willing to teach him how to make molds of his guns and cast them.

I'm sure he'd get a kick out of seeing Links AR too!
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