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Due to an inability to currently progress or finance my Armor Build any further at the moment, I've decided to switch gears and begin working on a new project. I'm going to take the Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR and convert it into a Reach-adjacent Sniper Rifle build.

While the barrel come detached from the weapon on arrival, the stock is molded into the receiver and will need to cut of with a hacksaw. Most of the components, such as the new stock, barrel shroud, scope, and Bipod will be 3d Printed or otherwise fabricated. I'll be designing a new bolt for the weapon to make it match the one seen in reach more accurately. The scope will have an lcd display with the Hud overlay visually imposed into the lens of the scope, although I will not be implementing that until much later.

So far, all I've really done is remove the locks in the blaster preventing it from firing if the front barrel is not attached, the locks that keep the trigger from being pulled, and *unknowingly at the time* the locks that prevent the slide form being racked after the rifle has primed. I can't put them back in, because they directly connect to the barrel lock, and will not function without it. Thankfully the majority of the major springs and components are condensed into a trigger assembly, which will make it easier to modify the shell of the blaster. Unfortunately, this will also make it harder to change the shape of the trigger guard.

All in all, this is looking to be one of the more easier projects I've gotten myself into. The next steps will be to begin flattening the surface of the blaster so I can start making the detail panels, and to begin modelling the stock and Barrel shroud once measurements have been taken. I'm going to try to keep this thread regularly updated, but no promises.



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I'm thinking of doing a full 3d print sniper. However im trying to figure out how to use a camera system with magnification. So if all goes according to plan I am going to put a button on the top to activate the zoom. Also with the possibility of having a small speaker to play the correct sounds with the zoom and un-zoom.

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