Sniper Rifle

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It's begun! The stock and handle are done. Pics are up.



The barrel will be made of a PVC tube painted with acrylic paint. The Scope will be currently no idea....probally painted on, H1 edition. The Magazine will be cardboard layered and will be removable.
I have no idea for the bipod...I want it to be useable...possibly, I know of an old piece of metal than could be bent to form one...The ammo pull back thing will be a cap of some sorts... The "second barrel" I think I can find in my basement...

To the left is my magazine. To the right is the handle and stock.

P.S. I think I found the Combat Knife!
I like the above model...I think it combines future w/ tactical...
The stock and handle are complete, just need to be taped. Once I find the duct tape, tape it and take pics I will be 25% done!
Don't forget, I make cardboard work for me...via whips...mwuahaahhah! No, jk, but I still use cardboard fairly well...and duct tape.
No offense, but by my personal opinion, I don't like the fact that its a giant wad of duct tape with some cardboard in the middle. The method I would suggest of going about stuff like Pepakura or paper craft is to actually paper mache your objects with a few layers and then start sanding it with some sandpaper and slowly start getting higher grits to get it nice and smooth. It could turn out really great if you know what you are doing. it would be good to go for painting then also. Just use some primer, then spray paint of your choice along with a few coats of clear coat to get that gleam.

That’s how I am going to make most of my weapons when I get around to it because I don't have access to any fiberglass and probably not the money either.

Just my suggestion =p.

i dont have any money, i made a sniper oout of wood. need scope, would post pics but i dont have a digi cam yet :evil:
I think you're right Doom, however I haven't found many 3d models for weapons... Then again, I haven't looked either.

Hey Ares what about the long barrel and the clip and scope thats kinda hard. Where do you go to get the supplies?
If you use a pvc you mmight want to make a "wire" frame out of it and the craft the finer pieces with a treated wood. Then get some cheap plastic for the case this way you work on the looks more that the functionallity. If you want get a AK-47 paintball gun and strip it down and cast the body to fit around the paintball pieces.

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