405th Regiment Officer
Dear European Regiment members,

as you may notice, we are very active on social media and try to connect with supporters and outgoing members. In order to feature all our amazing members, we created the Member Spotlight to feed Instagram and Facebook with content between events.

If you want to take part, we need the following Information:

Picture of your Cosplay/Armor
Who: (Your Name / Social Media information)
Cosplay: (Character Name or Armor type)
Country: (The Country you from)
Photo credits: (Name / Social Media information of the Photographer)


To give you an overview, here are all our links to the Social Media:

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

We also have a What's App group chat with most of our active Members.
If you want to join, just send me a message with your number.

Also, if you have anything that you want to have posted to the 405thEuropean social media channels, feel free to comment here or DM TheCostumeGeek :)
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