Some pretty Reach screenshots

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    I love theater mode, Star Wars Battlefront II really should have had one. But let's not get off topic. Feel free to post your own shots here. Doesn't have to be Halo Reach, any of the Halo games will do.

    10-9-2018_5-16-34_PM.png 10-9-2018_5-16-35_PM.png 10-9-2018_5-16-37_PM.png 10-9-2018_5-16-38_PM.png 10-10-2018_2-19-46_PM.png Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎10 14-39-37.png Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎10 14-40-48.png Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎10 14-44-55.png It's beautiful! Even the orbital strike has individual detailed missles!
    Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎10 14-45-01.png Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎10 14-51-52.png Halo_ Reach ‎2018-‎10-‎09 17-18-29.png
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