Spartan AF200XL so far

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pg]Here are some pics of my progrss.... all i got left to fold is left thigh both calfs and boots........ (notice i have two different bicepts and fore arms =p lol didnt no what one i liked more so made both..... im goin to go back and make the left one look like the right any and all recomendations, complements, critics welcome :)
Looks good so far.. I never thought of trying my armor without a shirt though.. :p .. Just make sure you have it sized for on what your going to wear for your underarmor.. If you have the lycra then you should be good.. If you use something thicker, try wearing a sweater to size it up.. At least when summer hits, you can start a fashion with no shirt spartan.. That would be awesome ;)
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lol yeah..... well im going to be in underarmor also going to create some sort of tac vest also :)

That would look great.. Keep it up bro!! (y)
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well im to the boots now.... question... what is typically done for boots??? i have the pep file but i mean like what do you guys do for them??/ do u wear them as boots them selfs?? or do you wear a boot or show then step into the boot???? just wonderin
What I did was take an old pair of shoes and fiberglass them inside the boots that they where always there.

[attachment=1719:IMAGE_00174.jpg][attachment=1718:IMAGE_00176.jpg]here tonights update :) groin and thigh on :) outa glue so i gata stop for the night..... it tooke me 60 glue sticks and 300 sheets of paper to get to this point....... (couple screw ups as u can see) lol Groin peices are in order which i made... smallest, small, too big, then just right :) what cha think???
[attachment=1744:IMAGE_00177.jpg] heres the pics of my pistol letting resin dry :)
here is a update entire armor set is completly built and resined.... now moving on to fiberglassing, bondoing then painting..... also waiting for my SB helm to arrive in mail :) i also built a BR which you can see in the weapons and props section
[attachment=1985:IMAGE_00186.jpg] [attachment=1986:IMAGE_00189.jpg]

what do you guys think of it???
I just have one comment on your leg pieces... i think your thigh pieces are a little too big, they seem to touch the calf pieces and theres suppose to be a space between them... other than that every thing looks great.
I concur with Gman here. If you think scaling them down with keep you from being able to pull them on, you might consider making them in two different sections.
well there was room higher up on my leg becausei dont have straps, yet, to where i can strap them to my legs.... but yeah they may be a little big...... for straps i planed on putting velcro on the peice and then to my underarmor.
Very Very nice work. This project is coming along nicely. Hope everything works out well and i can't wait to see the finished piece
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