Spartan design ideas ex. brutish spartan costume

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K, first. Please edit. 4 posts in a row is unnecessary. Second, stealth and Brutes don't go well together. Stealth and Elite? Yes.
To post pics, you would need some image hosting site. Try or Just make an acount and your set to go. I personally think is easier to use than, but ya you can use those sites for posting pics.
Speaking of helmets, im gonna have some new pics of my helmet up in my thread. Just in case anyone wanted to know ;-) .

Keep up the good work Roxas!!
OK THE WORST POSSIBLE THING JUST HAPPENED I SAT ON MY HELMET :shock: i think i can repair it though oh yea i decided to go with black and gold
:eek omg dude, that sucks!

speaking of colors, im going to make some armor myself, but i have no i dea what color to choose. i could go with the jet black, or a dark blue or the standard woodland green. what do you guys think?
You could go totally out of the box and go for like white with red polka dots or even something totally random like getting a poster and copying that onto it...
or just woodland green... i think it should depend on whether you like multiplayer or campaign better
WELL GUYS I HAVE GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS..........ill start with the good i was able to repair my helmet bad is i cant paint it cause my relatives :roll:
like many other hace said before they have an edit bottom for a reason, besides that, your jsut going to have to be patient. like if you have relatives over there for a couple days then wait, plus it gives you a chance to think your proces sthrough. make a list of things you need to do on your armor.

black armor w/ chrome visor and a red energy sword would look cool. but im not sure what color scheme you are aiming for but if it involves black then im looking forward to it.
well im thinkin of doing another one from scratch later with a chrome visor but this one will be havin hard time with helmet though i think im gonna tape it ofer with ducktape.cause it will cover the little rips from the incident.but yea ill try to start on an energy sword
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