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I have decided to start a new thread dedicated to listing the numbers of all the 405th members here.
The reason being 1) because the previous thread became kind've jumbled with talks of trying to decide a sorting order via squads and fireteams, 2) the character limit for a single post was reached, so I thought it would be much easier to break the list up into a few posts at the beginning of a new thread, and 3) The OP has not been updated in several months.

The old thread can be found [Here].

I don't mind if discussion and questions on this topic continue in the other thread. In fact, it might be better to do that there in order to keep this thread less cluttered. :)

Details, Rules, & Regulations about this List
You ONLY get 1 Number. I understand that some of us here might make more than 1 costume, maybe even a new one for each game. But you will need to ask yourself, "which one do I identify with the most?", and you will need to make your decision in regards to this list.
Personally, I would choose to not allow an individual to have more than 1 alias, but that's just me. This rule may receive amendments at a later date.
• Feel free to leave a Bio about your spartan/character when you post here!!! But please remember, you should only post the 1 from your main/favorite build that you will be requesting a number for. It isn't really fair to others if you take a new number for each set of armor you build. :)
• This list is for everyone, not just Spartan-IVs or IIs, or any particular spartan program. Just because Halo 4 is the newest game in the series, it doesn't mean that everyone needs to be a Spartan-IV. Be who you want to be. If you want to be a Spartan-III on Beta Squad -Team Foxtrot, say so. Our demographics don't really matter in regards to picking a squad for yourself, and there is no reason to force someone onto a particular squad name if they would rather be in a different one.
• Likewise, if you and your friends all want to be on the same squad together, that's totally acceptable,
- - • HOWEVER, I ask that your friends be members on the forums and that they post for themselves.
- - • If you want to be in your own particular group together with just your friends, my suggestion is coming up with a unique team name under an existing squad/company.

• Please follow the naming conventions based on what Spartan Project your character is from. If you do not, and you have some sort of weird naming convention, you will either be listed under the Spartan I/Special Projects group, or you might just be ignored altogether, especially if it is apparent that you didn't read through this.

• No, you can't be S-117. While you might build a Master Chief costume and put 117 on it, which is fine, I consider all of the individuals on the forums to be their own unique spartans. As such, I would prefer it if you avoided using the number of one of the known canon characters in the Halo universe.
I am NOT saying you can't share the number of an existing character (with the exception of 117), just that you should try and avoid it if you can.
• While the title of this thread might make it seem like only spartans are allowed, I will accept UNSC/ODST soldiers if they would like to be listed.

Before you post or ask if something is taken, please see when the OP was last edited. You can then search through the thread for posts after the last instance when the List was edited.

Press Ctrl+F and see if your number has already been taken.
DO NOT include your letter prefix when you do this.
Search: 128 = Good
Search: S-128 = BAD

How to Post
When you post, please do so in the following format:
[Service Number]: [Name] | Spartan-[Project Number] || [Squad/Company]: [Team] | [Rank] || [Your actual, real-life location]
Replace all the [Boxes] with the relevant text. Bold text is not needed.
• Please refer to the examples below since different generations of spartans follow different naming conventions.
• Under "Name", Please include your username (if you also are listing a specific name for your character)
- - • Your character name is optional, but your username will be listed.
- - • As said earlier, you need to be a member of the forums to be on the list.
• Your Squad/Company, Team, and Rank are all OPTIONAL.
• For your location, while I don't require your City, I ask that you at least list your State (if in the US) or Country. If you list your city, you will likely need to abbreviate your State's/Country's name.
• For Spartan-IIIs, you will be sorted by your squad followed by your number. If you would prefer to be on a squad other than what your Service Number indicates, please say so. If you choose to be on a unique squad, you will simply be listed under an existing category with your squad name listed in your details. "Squad" is the same thing as "Company", and "Teams" belong within a particular Squad.
• If everyone starts listing all their details as //CLASSIFIED//, I might just end up doing away with all of them.

***Please ensure that your details all fit in a single line of space.***
If you don't, I cannot promise that I will include all your details.

Examples will be listed under each type to show you ways in which you can list your information.
Please refer to the examples for each of the various Spartan Generations. Each of them vary slightly from eachother in format.

Informational Sources:
(please feel free to add RELIABLE sources not already listed)​
Spartan Program:
Spartan-II Program:
Spartan-III Program:
Spartan-IV Program:
Information on known surviving Spartan-IIs:
Insight on the Class-II Spartan-IIs:

Questions that I have for all of you that I would appreciate to be answered:
• Should numbers beyond 999 be allowed?
• What should I do with Spartan-IIIs that do not use a Greek Letter?
• Should I limit Spartan-III Squadron/Companies to only Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Unknown?

***But the most important question is....***
• While I was already aware that Spartan-IIIs were trained in companies ranging from 300 to 330 total, I was unaware that Spartan-IIIs (such as some of the canon characters which will be included in the list), were allowed to have numbers that started below 150.
Also, since only a few numbers are known, all of which are numbered below 330 (with Kat being the highest at #320), I think it would be reasonable to assume that there were duplicate numbers. What I mean is that Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta each had 1-300 (or 1-330 in some companies).
What should I do with those that are already included within the list?
For those that did not specify what type of Spartan they were, should I continue to include those that used numbers 150 and below without the prefix "S" in front of their number under the Special Projects category?
• In addendum to the question on should numbers beyond 999 be allowed, should Spartan-IIIs be allowed to have numbers beyond 330?
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Spartan I & Experimental Projects List

In regards to the list, to make things easy, Canon characters will be denoted in Red
Canon characters whose Service Numbers are unknown are not included in these lists.
Fully complete entries will be denoted by having their service numbers in bold text.

Spartan-Is & Other Projects prior to the Spartan-II Program:
• Details: Since this includes special projects, the naming convention in this category is open.
• I have included everyone who has numbers inside the initial 150 that do not begin with an "S" here.
• Sort Order is based on Letter first, then the following numbers. It is this way because you would list the project title before the number in the project when going through experiments and trials.​
Examples - Spartan-I / Other Special Projects:
• Z-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | //CLASSIFIED// || //CLASSIFIED// | Rank: //CLASSIFIED// || Norman, OK
• Z-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan-II Class-I || //CLASSIFIED// | Rank: //CLASSIFIED// || Norman, OK
- - NOTE: Anyone that uses numbers between 1-150 that does not list themselves with an "S" to signify that they are a Spartan-II will be listed under the Special Projects category.
• Z-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan Project-Z || Norman, OK

Special Project Orion
48789-20114-AJ: Sgt. Avery Johnson (Orion Project)

Experimental Spartans
D-082: Jeremy (Demogorgon) | Experimental Spartan || Lonewolf | Commander || Bradenton, Florida.
S-X: LongShot-X | Experimental Spartan || Mission, BC, Canada
P-315: Jesse (Boltlock) | Experimental Spartan-IV || FT: Phoenix | Second-in-Command | Rifleman | Elmwood, Wisconsin
M-073: (m073) | Experimental Spartan || Germany
X-085: Chance (PlayByMyOwnRule) | Experimental Spartan-II || ONI Special Operations | Commander || North Dakota, USA
S-1138: Bioshutt
S-1313: Spartan 1313
S-5285: Pigglywiggly1973

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST)

28914-12454-MK: Michael E. Kotea (MyrHerder) | ODST || 105th Shock Trooper Division: 7th ST-Battalion | Staff Sergeant || Tucson, AZ,
26584-18954-RP: Ralph Pimentel (SprayNoob) | ODST || 105th Shock Trooper Division: 7th ST-Battalion | Gunnery Sergeant || TO, Ontario, Canada
28272-93943-JC: Jonathan "UX" Chaney (TheUX31EGuy) | ODST || 105th Shock Trooper Division: 7th ST-Battalion | Staff Sgt. || Novato, California
65667-41015-BB: Brandon "1015" Benjamin Burns, III (bigolaf) | ODST || 105th Shock Trooper Division: 7th ST-Battalion | CW2 (Army) || Anaheim, CA

27803-31286-GR: Grif Ryans (MJPvt Grif) | UNSC Naval Officer || First Cohort: Velites Squad | Sr. Cadet, Squad Leader || Wichita, KS, USA
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Spartan-II, Class-I and Class-II List

In regards to the list, to make things easy, Canon characters will be denoted in Red
Canon characters whose Service Numbers are unknown are not included in these lists.
Fully complete entries will be denoted by having their service numbers in bold text.

Spartan-II Program:
• Naming Convention: S-###, there is a maximum total of 150 Class-I Spartan-IIs, numbered from 1-150.
• Spartan-IIs, were informally referred to by: [First Name]-###
• While exceptions might be made for other lists, no exceptions will be made for any value from 1-150 of Spartan-IIs.​
Examples - Spartan-II:
• SPARTAN-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Operation-Ω | Rank: Team Leader || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: In this example, "SPARTAN-128: Ansgeirr" also means the character can be known by S-128 or Ansgeirr-128 because this individual is a Spartan-II
• SPARTAN-384: WanderrTJ | Spartan-II Class-II || Green Team || Norman, OK
- - NOTE: Spartan-IIs will be divided into only 2 groups, Class-I (1-150) and Class-II (151+).

Class-I Spartan-II:
S-003: Augustus (Angus314) | Spartan-II Class-I || 460th B-65 Suborbital Bomb Group| Master Sergeant || Colorado, USA
S-005: James - Listed as MIA. Most likely KIA during the Fall of Reach.
S-006: Jai - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
S-007: Tom(maultierowned) | Spartan-II Class-I || UNSC NSWC: Red Team-Alpha Team | Petty Officer First Class ||Brisbane, Australia
S-008: Li - Listed as MIA during Slipspace anomaly battle. Assumed KIA due to nearby plasma torpedo detonation.
S-009: Allayna (BlazedStarbon) | Spartan-II Class-I || UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command: Team Silver | First Lieutenant || ON, Canada
S-010: Naomi - Active as of March 2553. Currently part of Kilo Five.
S-013: Lockon13 / Sepheus 13
S-014: Carol (Tomboy) | Spartan-II Class-I || Team: Black | Rank: Black-2, Intelligence || Texas
S-015: Ash (Ashuraa) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Reassigned ONI | Rank: Team Leader || Pennsylvania
S-016: William (Starrmont) | Spartan-II Class-I || Operation: Red Anvil | Team: Beta Red | Senior Chief Petty Officer || Goodyear, AZ
S-017: Ethan (eth duggy) | Spartan-II Class-I || 248th Gilded Wardens (Formerly Beta Team) | Lieutenant Commander || Australia
S-018: Kirk - Discharged. Possible rehab mentioned by Halsey.
S-019 / 39489-72738-SO: Serin Osman - Did not accept augmentations, ONI operative as of March 2553 in Kilo Five.
S-023: Daisy - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after being impaled by Needler rounds.
S-025: Cody (kingair983) | Spartan-II Class-I || Rank: Commander || Florida
S-028: Matt (SirPalesALot) | Spartan-II Class-I || Red Team Beta | Rank: Intelligence Specialist || Alabama
S-029: Joshua - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA during the Fall of Reach.
S-030: Vinh - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA after the Fall of Reach.
S-034: Samuel - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA due to destruction of the Covenant ship they had boarded.
S-039: Isaac - Listed as MIA, assumed KIA after the Fall of Reach.
S-042: Douglas - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
S-043: William - Listed as MIA, though confirmed KIA by Hunter pair during the Battle of Onyx
S-044: Anton - MIA during Slipspace anomaly battle, assumed KIA due to nearby plasma torpedo detonation.
S-045: Cory (cory045) | Spartan-II Class-I || Unit/Classified | Lieutenant || Michigan
S-047: Keiichi - Presumably listed as MIA at Reach. Last seen during the Harvest Campaign.
S-051: Kurt - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after the detonation of two FENRIS nuclear warheads at the core of Onyx.
S-052: Jorge - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA after successfully destroying a Supercarrier during the Fall of Reach.
S-055: Olivia (MissFish) | Spartan-II Class-I || Bellingham, WA
S-056: Data
S-057: Andrew (Frozensnot) | Spartan-II Class-I || NavSpecWar | Petty Officer, second class || WA
S-058: Linda - Active as of March 2553. Clinically KIA during the Fall of Reach. Later resuscitated.
S-059: Malcolm - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA during the Fall of Reach.
S-062: Maria - Retired.
S-064: Ryan (Macattack64) | Spartan-II Class-I || Northwest Indiana
S-066: Soren - Discharged due to failures in augmentation process Listed as MIA on Reach after being shot down.
S-069: Solomon - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA by Covenant antimatter charge decoy during a mission.
S-073 - Died due to failures in augmentation process
- - also S-073: Spartan 73
- - also S-073: Caboose vs Grif (pending) - Not sure why this was listed as pending in the other thread.
S-075: Cassandra - Discharged due to failures in augmentation procedures, currently alive.
S-077: Jiralhanae
S-078 Jason (Jason-078) | Spartan-II Class-I || AFFILIATION: Spartan Fireteam: White | Rank: Team Leader || Oregon
S-079: Arthur - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA by Seraph-class starfighters during mission.
S-081: René - Discharged. Possible rehab mentioned by Halsey.
S-084: Fhajad - Discharged, sent to work for ONI. Suffered uncontrollable muscle spasms due to failures in augmentation.
S-086: Trixie (Aramoorn) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Classified | Master Chief Petty Officer || Colorado
S-087: Kelly - Active as of March 2553
S-088: OBI (Obi-Jeff Kenobi) | Spartan-II - CLASSIFIED || ONI Special Opertations | Lieutenant || Worcester, MA
S-091: Rusty (vshore100) | Spartan-II Class-I || Kentucky
S-092: Jerome - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
S-093: Grace - Listed as MIA. Confirmed KIA during Operation: FIRST STRIKE on Unyielding Hierophant.
S-095: Chloe (thedoctor518) | Spartan-II Class-I || Blue Team | Petty Officer First Class (PO1) || NY, USA
S-096: Musa - Discharged, years later proposed the SPARTAN-IV program.
S-098: Chris (King_of_Gondor12) | Spartan-II Class-I || SP: Operation SYNC | Green Team | Team Leader || Dubai, UAE
S-099: Alec (ADAWG99) | Spartan-II Class-I | Sp: Operation-Δ| Rank: Team Leader || Middlebury, VT
S-100: Retralpha | Spartan-II Class-I || SP: Operation: FIRST STRIKE || Red Team: Team Alpha || Malaysia
S-101: Victor - Active as of August 2552.
- - also S-101: Chainsaw Ninja
S-104: Frederic - Active as of March 2553
S-107: Jack (SA260) | Spartan-II Class-I || ONI: Section 3, Delta Six (Actual) | Commander || Sydney, Australia
S-111: Adriana - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
S-112: Andrew (andrewjd1124) | Spartan-II Class-I || Red Team || Palm Bay, Florida
S-113: AugmentedHuman013
S-114: Bryan (BMP Props/English) | Spartan-II^ (IV) || Southern Regiment | Major, Southern Regiment MO || Florida, USA
S-115: James (Sentinel James) | Spartan-II Class-I || SP: 'Operation: Angel' & the 'Sentinel Project' | Team Leader || Belpre, OH
S-116: Eric (SPARTAN II) | Spartan-II Class I || Omega Team | Rank: Chief Petty Officer || Ontario, Canada
S-117: John - Active. Recovered from UNSC Forward Unto Dawn in 2557 by UNSC Infinity.
S-118: Spartan_018
S-119: Apothacary
S-120: Mike - MIA with the rest of Gray Team.
S-121: Ben (HALOSPRTAN) | Spartan-II Class-I | Rank: Team Leader || California
S-122: Joseph - Status unknown, last seen in 2525. Assumed KIA during Fall of Reach.
S-124: MasterChief0624 | Spartan-II Class-I || Blue Team: Delta Squad | Rank: Team Leader || Miami, FL
S-127: Daisuke Terui (Gaming239) | Spartan-II Class-I || FY:Wolf | Sr. Chief Petty Officer || Novo mesto SL (PENDING)
S-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Operation-Ω | Rank: Team Leader || Oklahoma
S-129: Aideen (PhoenixArmoury) | Spartan-II Class-I || 17th Shock Troops Battalion (IAV) || Ch. Petty Officer || Ottawa, ON, CA
S-130: Alice - Last seen aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire after the Battle of Shield 0459 in 2531. Listed as MIA.
S-137: Carris - Status unknown. Presumably KIA during the Fall of Reach.
S-139: Danielle (Danielle_J!NX) | Spartan-II Class-I || Sydney, Australia
S-141: Cal - Listed as MIA, confirmed KIA during an assassination operation.
S-144: Tom (Alkatraz) | Spartan-II Class-I || 284th Guilded Wardens (Formerly Delta Team) | Commander || Australia
S-148: Joseph (USCSTAYLOR) | Spartan-II Class-I || 48th Recon Special Operations | Major || New Jersey, USA

Spartan-II Class-II

How to list your Spartan-II Class-II Information:
S-###: Character Name (Username) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit/Team/Project | Rank/Position || Your Real-Life Location
- - Your Character Name is Optional, if you choose to not use one, simply list your Username without the Parenthesis
- - You may abbreviate "Spartan-II Class-II" to "Spartan-II Cl-II" if you need space to fit your credentials on 1 line.
- - Your Team and Rank are both optional, your location is MANDATORY.
- - Numbers available to the Class-IIs include S-151 to S-999. If you list a number not in this range, you might not be listed.

Class-II Spartan-II:
S-153: Dragunity
S-159: chrisy (chrisy159) | SPARTAN-II Class-II || 405th Canadian Regiment | PO2 (Specialty: Clinical Science) || ON, Canada
S-186: averysmallhorse
S-191: Sami (Samius191) | Spartan-II Class-II || 405th Finnish regiment | Rank: Sergeant || Kauhajoki, Finland
S-192: -Bonepunk- | Spartan-II Class-II || Project: Dark Omen | Rank: SCPO || Berlin
S-197: JPanzer
S-198: Cody (NinjaChicken) | SPARTAN-II Class-II || Unit: Pending... | Rank: //CLASSIFIED// || Moab, UT
S-202: Brent (Cagey) | Spartan-II Class-II || 405th Australian Regiment | Master Chief Petty Officer || Perth, Western Australia
S-209: Jake (Connor Xfor) | Spartan-II Class-II || SO: ONI Section 3 - Bravo 6| Chief Petty Officer || Sussex, UK
S-214: Spartan-214
S-221: Kevin (quick221) | Spartan-II Class-II || Project: Experimental Survivalist Augmentations | //AWOL// || New Zealand
S-223: Jason (Artifice) | Spartan-II Class-II || SO: ONI Section 3 Charlie Six (Actual) | Major || Vancouver, Canada
S-228: Patrick (AI Blue Fox) | Spartan-II Cl-II* (Trained with Class-I) || RED Team: Team leader | Chief Petty Officer || Cheshire MA
S-234: NoMaybeYes
S-247: James (murishani047) | Spartan-II Class-II || Nationwide Spartans Special Ops Div. | Rank: Captain || Kirksville, MO
S-248: Fletcher (Squizzy) | Spartan-II || UNSC Naval Special Warefare Command: Blue Team | Colonel || Melbourne, Australia
S-251: kaufman92eb
S-256: Kalean (gmstrowabarton) | Spartan-II Class-II || Durham, NC
S-259: Rick (rickrtickr) | Spartan-II Class-II || SP: //Classified// | RAVEN: Team Leader | Lt. Commander || Illinois
S-277: Meatwad (Meatwad) | Spartan-II Class-II || Kansas, USA
S-303: Ralph - Listed MIA, confirmed KIA in the Harvest Campaign
S-306: Kyre Legan (Kyre) | Spartan-II Class II || Green Team Omega Company | Chief Petty Officer || Denver, CO
S-323: S323
S-338: Blorin
S-352: DD117
S-358: Monk358
S-382: Daniel-382
S-416: Laura (spartangirl117) | Spartan-II Class-II | | Rank: Team Leader || BCN, Spain
S-424: Ashley (cha0spr1nces5) | Spartan-II Class-II || Special Projects: //Classified// | Rank: Ghost Team Member || Alabama
S-425: Talon (Lord Talon) | Spartan II-Class II || Unit: Team Lone Star | Rank: Commander || Cleburne, Texas
S-411: Sheriff (Sheriff) | Spartan-II Class-II || Panther's Tear | Rank: Seargeant || Finland
S-445: Spartan Jeff (Spaztic_chief445) | Spartan-II Class-II || Zulu Company: Battalion XO | Munitions expert || Oregon US
S-446: MissingSpartan7
S-458: Nicole - Accepted as cannon, details unknown.
S-459: Jared (Gibbon) | Spartan-II Class-II || Omicron Team | Rank: CPO || Gainesville, Florida
S-474: Eric (Kusak3) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Colonial Regiment| Rank/classified || Pennsylvania
S-508: Doug "McChief" (MFP508) | Spartan-II Class-II | 405th Australian Regiment | Battalion Beta | Master Chief Petty Officer || Brisbane, Qld, Australia
S-511: Parjal (nikolojedison) | Spartan-II Class-II ||Spectre Team| Rank: Pending || Minnesota
S-524: Yato (Half Demon) | Spartan-II Class-II || Nationwide Spartans Leader | Rank: Rear-Admiral || Chesterfield, VA
S-551: Mike (Harri51) | Spartan-II Class-II || Special Projects: //Classified// | Rank: Lt. Commander || New York
S-562: Alana (GODIVINA) | Spartan-II Class-II || Durham, NC
S-612: John (cha0skn1ght) | Spartan-II Class-II || Special Projects: //Classified// | Rank: Ghost Team Leader || Alabama
S-613: Maskim Xul (Maskim Xul) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Tier 1 Classified | Rank: Tier 1 Classified || Shreveport, LA
S-626: ShawnProblemz
S-711: lordhood32
S-734: Leventel
S-818: BuckbeeW (BuckeeW) | Spartan-II Class-II || Unit: Unkown | Unit Position: Sniper || Saint Helens, Oregon
S-819: Cam (Zoomer246) | Spartan II-Class II || ONI Assassin | Rank: Master Sergeant || Indianapolis, In
S-907: PHIL-907
S-957: Tyvern
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Spartan-III List

In regards to the list, to make things easy, Canon characters will be denoted in Red
Canon characters whose Service Numbers are unknown are not included in these lists.
Fully complete entries will be denoted by having their service numbers in bold text.

Spartan-III Program:
• Naming Convention: Letter###, letters must correlate to Greek letters (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, .....)
• Units like Bravo, Echo, and Foxtrot are not acceptable. If you want to use "F", know that you are on the "Phi" squadron.
• Spartan-IIIs, were informally referred to by: [First Name]-Letter###
• While Spartan IIIs are all typically numbered starting at or above 151, there may have been a few instances where a Spartan-II retired and it was given to a Spartan-III. (Actually, there is just 1 Spartan-II that retired...)​
Examples - Spartan-III:
• A259: "Ansgeirr-A259" (WandererTJ) | Spartan-III || Beta Squad: Team Foxtrot | Rank: Lt. Captain || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: Although this individual has an "A" at the beginning, they will be listed under Beta Squad since the specified it.
• A259: "Ansgeirr-A259" (WandererTJ) | Spartan-III || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: This individual will be sorted under Alpha Squad.
• J128: "Ansgeirr-J259" (WandererTJ) | Spartan-III || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: "J" is not a Greek letter, so I have no idea how to sort this one.
• J128: "Ansgeirr-J259" (WandererTJ) | Spartan-III || Beta Squad: Team Foxtrot | Rank: Lt. Captain || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: Although "J" is not a Greek letter, this individual at least clarifies which squad they want to be included in.

NOTE: that anyone marked with "Spartan-III^ (IV)" means that they are a Spartan-III that has joined the Spartan-IV program after surviving Onyx, Reach, etc.

Alpha Squad (A):
A019: Spartan Kai - Unknown, likely KIA
A035: Ghost (SqueekinOrka) | Spartan-III || Alpha Company | Lieutenant || Vancouver, CA
A057: Frozensnot
A089: Gary (Halochief89) | Spartan-III^ (IV) | UNSC Infinity: FT Quiver | Fire Team Lead | Callsign: Spear || Washington
A-113: HAMR (Asgardianhammer) | Spartan-III || Exploding Fist Detachment | Rank: DIO || EARTH - Birmingham, AL
A119: Nathanæl-A119 (TheCaptainBacon) | Spartan-III || Section Three, Beta-6 Division | Rank: Brigadier || Alberta, CA
A191: Ax Maxwell (axmaxwell) | Spartan-III | Alpha Squad |Rank: Petty Officer Second Class | California/Missouri
A239: Spartan Emile - Confirmed KIA
A259: Spartan Carter - Confirmed KIA
A266: Spartan Jun - Spartan-III^ (IV)

Beta Squad (B):
B004: Spartan Adam - KIA
B008: Tritan
B091: Spartan Lucy - Active as of March 2553, Team Foxtrot
B170: //UNKNOWN// - Unknown
B174: Spartan Min - KIA
B257: Sai (Sai-257) | Spartan-III^ (IV) | Beta Company (Former) / UNSC Infinity: FT Backdraft | Lt. Commander | West Deptford, NJ
B292: Spartan Tom - Active as of March 2553, Team Foxtrot
B312: Noble Six - Confirmed KIA
B320: Spartan Catherine "Kat" - Confirmed KIA

Gamma Squad (G, Γ):
G003: Spartan Holly - KIA
G016: Trando434
G057: LCBeagle
G099: Spartan Ash - Active as of March 2553.
G188: Spartan Dante - KIA

Delta Squad (D, Δ):
D001: Fin (Tms) | Spartan-III | Delta Company | Panther's Tear || Finland
D229: Spartan Vincent (SniperWolf) | Spartan-III || Delta Company : Feral Team (Team leader) | Commander || Massachusetts

Epsilon Squad (E/Other):
E815: lordhood32

Zeta Squad (Z/Other):
Z001: Josh-Z001 (Zero Prime) | Spartan III^ (IV) || Rank: Commander | Goodyear, AZ
Z236: Grim (Renton117) | Spartan-III^ (IV) || Fireteam Serenity || Australia

Theta Squad (Θ/Other):
H013: PatrikChiefLorinc029
H209: Grave_Hawk
K055: sarlume
L108: e82
L494: Lowcone-L494 (Lowcone494) | Spartan-III || Team Lambda | Rank: Team Leader || Gahanna, OH
M082: NayrDeathExperience
M213: MYST
M392: Michael (mwmanus) | Spartan-III || Headhunter || Atlanta, Ga
R013: Xav-Kitsune
R259: rickrtickr
T007: Tafoya007
F185: "Fork-F185" (ColFork85) | Spartan-III || Phi Squad: Team Misfit | Rank: Colonel || Michigan
F012: Virti
F036: The Chief Master
F225: Halcyon25
F304: ferret304
F485: Fuzzy | Spartan III || Long Island, NY
U513: U513
Y772: Evakura
X002: Crimmson
C327: Tac2002 | Spartan-II Class-II || Red Team: Omega Co. | Rank: Lieutenant || Salem, OR
J029: frozenottsel
J989 tabris89
T-609: Unknown (The BorosBoss) | Spartan-III || Sigma Squad | Colonel Grade II || Albany, CA

Rosenda-344 - Unknown
Thom-293 - KIA

Omega Squad (Ω/Other):
Z286: Corey (Zaff) | Spartan-III^ (IV) || Lone Wolf/Specialist | Lt. Commander || New York
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Spartan-IV List

In regards to the list, to make things easy, Canon characters will be denoted in Red
Canon characters whose Service Numbers are unknown are not included in these lists.
Fully complete entries will be denoted by having their service numbers in bold text.

Spartan-IV Program:
• Spartan IVs are most often referred to by SPARTAN-[Name, First OR Last] rather than a number. Their numbers instead are just a typical UNSC Service Number, with 2 series of 5-digit numbers followed by their first and last initials.
• I have listed rules for those who are interested in also having a shorter Service Tag.​

How to list your Spartan-IV Information:
#####-#####-LL: Character Name (Username) | Spartan-IV | Specialization || Fireteam | Rank || Your Real-Life Location
- - See details below on ways you can list your Spartan's Name.
- - Listing your Fireteam is OPTIONAL. See details below on how to list your Fireteam's name.
- - Your Specialization is optional. If your information cannot fit on 1 line, this will likely be the 1st thing to be removed.
- - Your Rank is optional
- - For those of you who have a copy of the Limited Edition of Halo 4, feel free to incorporate the unique number your box has on the front of it. You'll have to break off one of the digits, but I figured some of you might enjoy this creative idea.

Examples - Spartan-IV:
Basic Example (Minimum Info):
• 36243-61280-AY: WandererTJ | Spartan-IV || Oklahoma
Full Example (Maximum Info):
• 36243-61280-AY: Ansgeirr Yngvirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan-IV | Wetwork || FT:Majestic | Rank: Lt. Captain || Norman, OK

Spartan IVs who want a shortened service number, please see this example here:
• 36243-61280-AY: Ansgeirr-AY280 (WandererTJ) | Spartan-IV | Wetwork || Fireteam Rhino | Rank: Lt. Captain || Oklahoma
- - NOTE: In regards to having a shortened Service Number, this is probably the best way to do it for a Spartan-IV.
- - The shortened service number MUST include both initials as well as 3 adjacent digits that are in your primary service number.
- - Please try to be unique in the numbers you come up with
• You may also refer to mawrTRON's registry entry below as an alternative example.

Possible Variation's for listing your Spartan's/Character's Name may use the method of one of the following examples:
(You are not limited to using one of the methods below, please come up with your own if you would like)
• Ansgeirr Yngvirr (WandererTJ) - - - This just means your spartan's full name is known to everyone.
• "Spartan-Ansgeirr" (WandererTJ) - - - You can go simply by your field name.
• Ansgeirr [Redacted] (WandererTJ) - - - Hidden Last Name: This means you are known on the field as "Spartan-Ansgeirr"
• [Redacted] Yngvirr (WandererTJ) - - - Hidden First Name: This means you are known on the field as "Spartan-Yngvirr"
• WandererTJ - - - No name listed, which means username is not placed into parenthesis.
• Ansgeirr-AY280 (WandererTJ) - - - with Shortened Service Number: This means you are known on the field as "Spartan-Ansgeirr"
- - As you can see, there are numerous ways to show your name. If you have a long Forum Username, it might be best to just list the first (or last) name of your spartan so that your information all fits in 1 line.

Specifying your Fireteam/Company: Is OPTIONAL for those who would like to.
• "Fireteam Rhino", for example, can also be shortened to "FT:Rhino"
• "Gypsy Company", for example, can also be shortened to "Gypsy Co."
• A list of all the CANON Fireteams and Companies are included at the bottom of the list. All the ones without the "???" which signifies that they are unknown, seem to follow typical English lettering (rather than Greek).

Spartan-IV Registry:
65287-98303-SP: Sarah Palmer
03040-19970-ZE: Zach Enneking (killerownz11) | Spartan-IV | Recon || Fireteam Wolf | Lieutenant || Cincinnati,OH
11003-11894-SS: Sam S (mawrTRON) | SS894 | Spartan-IV | Engineer || Fireteam Apex | Chief Petty Officer || London UK
01991-00925-SM: Steven (Miller925) | SM925 | Spartan-IV | Scout/Odst || Fireteam Wolf | Fireteam leader || Phoenix, Arizona
97076-00108-DE: Steve (b4m) | DE108 | Spartan-IV | CLASSIFIED || Fireteam CLASSIFIED | CLASSIFIED || Bavaria, Germany
28226-01199-CO: Cayle O'Connor (lonewolf260) | Spartan-IV || Mid-Long range | Detrius Company | Chief Petty Officer || Washington
75283-56282-AM: Anthony Madsen - Fireteam Majestic
76283-34092-PD: Paul DeMarco - Fireteam Majestic
83920-91083-GT: Gabriel Thorne - Fireteam Majestic
90302-89202-CH: Carlo Hoya - Fireteam Majestic
95984-78393-TG: Tedra Grant - Fireteam Majestic
24885-97053-MG: Matthew G (nerdtron99) | Spartan-IV | Tracker || FT crimson | Field Marshall || Brea, CA
09129-00319-TC: Spartan Card (TeejayCard) | TC319 | Spartan-IV | Recon || Fireteam Shadow | CLASSIFIED || Pennsylvania, USA
21877-32104-JM: Jak-JM104 (LoneLegionary) | Spartan-IV | Wetwork || Fireteam Shadow | Rank: Specialist || New York, New York
25376-40779-KR: Kevin Rauwerda (Spartan092) | Spartan-IV || Close Quarter Combat || Fireteam Sword | Lt. Commander || Groningen, Netherlands
00965-13070-AK: Ash [Redacted] (Mash u 2 bits) | Spartan-IV || Tier 1 Asset Acquisition | Fireteam Chronicle | Captain || London UK
72411-40815-JS: JD "Virginia" Simmons (JD of Asgard) | Spartan-IV || FT: Domino | Sergeant || Richmond, VA
337722-26835-AS: Santos (Shadowobliterat) | Spartan-IV | Scout || FT: Unlisted | Captain || Miami, Florida
31562-98077-KM: Keith Mohn (KeithG077) | Spartan-IV || Black/Covert Ops | FT: Epsilon | Commander || Canfield Ohio
13711-69413-CG: Chris G (Blade137) | CG134 | Spartan IV | EOD || 23 Ordinance Co. | Sergeant || North Carolina

Known Existing (Canon) Fireteam Names:
• A = Avalance or Apex • B = Bailey • C = Castle or Crimson • D = Domino • E = ??? • F = Forest
• G = Gamma Company* or Gypsy Company** • H = Horse • I = Ivy • J = Jackknife • K = Kodiak
• L = Lancer • M = Majestic or Mountain • N = ??? • O = ??? • P = ??? • Q = ??? • R = Rhino
• S = Shadow or Switchback or Sword or Sydney • T = Talon or Tower • U = ??? • V = ??? • W = Wolf
• X = ??? • Y = ??? • Z = ???
{*} Gamma Company (of the Spartan-III program) is also involved in the events of Halo 4. You ARE allowed to list yourselves in this company, but it will simply be added in your details rather than having you be divided up like in the Spartan-III list.
{**} Gypsy Company is literally just called that. They are not referred to as a Fireteam.
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The following post below this one is to serve as an example of how to post.
The information at the top is what you need to post to get added to the list.
Please follow the guidelines for the generation of spartan you wish to be, each one has different guidelines/rules.

The Biography is completely optional, you do not need to include one, but if you would like to go above and beyond and include one, please feel free to.

In regards to your bio, you are welcome to write it in any way that you wish, but I ask that you limit it to a single post.
The character limit of a single post used to be 10,000 characters. Now it is unlimited.
Please refrain from posting a Bio that is longer than 2 pages if pasted into Microsoft Word. If your biography exceeds 2 pages, please refer to the following post as an example of how to include the rest of your bio if it is longer than 2 pages.
The following post has a link at the end which directs you to the full Biography.

Also, you may format it however you wish. If you want to list it as a letter to an official in the UNSC or whatever, feel free to. Or... if you want to have a story listed, you can do that too. If you choose to mimic the style of my letter, you can actually include your story under the "PERSONAL PROFILE" section. It is your choice, be creative.
If you want to use a style similar to others that have posted their Bios, at least give them credit. I want to thank blackout11c, I thought his bio was really cool, and I wanted to use a similar yet different style to accentuate the bio I had already started for my character.

On one last note, if your Bio is one giant block of text without breaks in it, it makes it harder for people to read. Please consider this if you write a Bio for yourself/your character.

I don't mind if people critique details/facts in the Bios of others, you might want to ask for their permission though. Please feel free to critique my shortened Bio below. I would personally prefer having certain facts corrected by others rather than leaving them where they are wrong. No one wants to be the guy that lists his current location as "Alive and well on Alderaan" because he doesn't know that Alderaan got destroyed.
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I have searched through all the possible numbers, and I noticed that no one has taken the number I am interested in!!!
Glad to see that no one else has already taken S-128!!! :)

My details are:
SPARTAN-128: Ansgeirr (WandererTJ) | Spartan-II Class-I || Special Projects: Operation-Ω | Rank: Team Leader || Oklahoma

Character Bio:
Listed as one of the thirty candidates that died during surgical augmentation, SPARTAN-128 was enrolled into a side project of Dr. Halsey off of any record.

Primary Objective:
S-128's mission is to find all Spartans listed as MIA and recover any that are alive by any means necessary as according to Operation-Ω.
- Determine the final status of any and all missing Spartans by any means necessary.
- Recover the bodies of any and all missing Spartans, live or dead, by any means necessary.
- Remain undiscovered by both human and covenant life by any means necessary.
- If a Spartan is missing, find them.
- If a Spartan is alive, recover them.
- If a Spartan is dead, avenge them.
- Do not let Mjolnir armor to be taken or used by the enemy.
- While behind enemy lines, research and obtain additional information about enemy home worlds and their sciences.
- Find your fallen brothers and sisters. Finish the fight. Spartans never die...

Squadron Details:
Under Operation-Ω (Omega), nicknamed as both "Operation End-Game" and "Operation End of Line_", SPARTAN-128 leads a squad of ODSTs that refer to themselves as the "End-Game" squadron.
They refer to themselves as such because of Omega's literal meaning to be "last" and because their mission is to determine the 'final' status of all Spartans whose whereabouts are unknown. To withhold the idea that Spartans never die, all Spartans discovered to be deceased are still listed as MIA. Due to this, the End Game Squadron consider their main objectives to be both retrieval and justice for their fallen warriors.
The never-ending and seemingly hopeless search for other possible surviving Spartans, is a fatiguing search both mentally and physically.
It does not help that this squad and operation are not officially listed on any records, meaning that a redundant instance of Operation-Ω can exist officially on record. If discovered by the enemy, UNSC forces will lay no claim to the knowledge of their existence.
While they do value all forms of life and operate in the dead of night to avoid detection, there is speculation that this squadron has been known to wipe out entire regions of indigenous life when they discover a fallen Spartan; only leaving behind an omega symbol in the blood of the creatures that inhabit that region.
--This is one of the few signs that the squadron may have deteriorated mentally due in part to the severity of the conditions that they must operate in.

Their secondary objective is to obtain all additional information that they can while they are located on Covenant home-worlds.
In an investigation of Eayn, the Kig-Yar home-world, S-128 dissected several of the species in order to discover how their point-defense-gauntlets functioned. He succeeded. The squadron's translator was also successful in recruiting two Kig-Yar siblings to join the quest. It wasn't hard to convince them after freeing them from the prison they were in..... The two Kig-Yar are currently outfitted with modified Sangheili Orbital Ranger armor.

Still in search of the Spartan Grey Team, the squadron's next target was the home world of one of the most devastating Covenant species. S-128 was determined to discover how the creatures fired "death" from their hands, and was determined to find a way to harness that power to be used in tandem with a point-defense-gauntlet.

Squadron's last known location: Te of the Svir system, home planet of the Mgalekgolo.
Due to the severe conditions of the planet, the standard ODST gear would not permit the squadron to operate on the surface of the planet; S-128 went alone.

Spartan Details:
SPARTAN-128 is a close combat expert, stealth expert, and an assault specialist. He is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat and is highly skilled behind a shotgun.
When not taking advantage of the Type-3 Refraction Dissonance Modifier/Camouflage Module his armor is equipped with, he finds use in flanking the enemy and serves as the aggro member of the squad, drawing fire when necessary. He also serves as a front man for defensive scenarios, in breaching scenarios, and other otherwise scenarios where small passageways are taken.
S-128's squadmates know him for the arsenal that he carries with him: a M45TS Tactical Shotgun, a Suppressed M7/Caseless Submachine Gun, a Custom Model 6H PDWS Magnum Sidearm, 3+ knives of various sizes, and during some occasions an Odachi Great Katana.
"A sword, by any other name, is simply a key... and when you stick it into your foe, it unlocks their death."
S-128 is also trained as an Engineer, in order to subvert, reconstitute, and/or operate any and all equipment and technology whether it be domestic or foreign. He always has a secondary objective to find ways to reverse engineer any and all newly discovered enemy ordinance.
While he typically uses a drop pod like his fellow ODST squadmates, S-128's armor, like that of other Spartan-IIs, is equipped with an orbital drop armor locking system. This allows his person to fall from space or from upper-atmosphere and survive the landing... though he needs to be assisted out of the armor lock after more severe impacts.
Although it is dissimilar to those in his squadron, S-128 also wears an ODST helmet. It is a highly upgraded Mjolnir variant of the helmet.
Full specs on the appearance of S-128's armor and weapons can be found in detail [here].

While active in his squadron, S-128 has also been referred to as "S-128-Ω", "Wanderer", which was a nickname given to him by his classmates while he was a trainee in the Spartan-II program, "W28", his HUD sign to his squadmates, which is a combination of the nickname and his Spartan number, "Omega", since he was the last of the original Spartans in the Spartan-II program to make it into active duty and because he leads Operation-Ω, and in battle he goes under the call-sign "AHNZ".

It is rumored that during his candidacy, it was discovered that he was afflicted with a condition known as ADHD, which had been removed from human genes in the 23rd century and was originally overlooked during the screening process; Halsey purged S-128 of his "condition".

0256, 15 June, 2558
TO: █████████████
RE: File on subject believed to be alive in regards to Dr. Halsey's investigation.

This is everything we have on the individual known as S-128, birth-name Ansgeirr, who was one of the subjects in Dr. Halsey's initial Spartan-II program.​

://ONI Personnel File//:​
UNSCID | S-128
DOB | FEBRUARY 6, ████
WEIGHT | ███-lbs

S-128 was taken by Dr. Halsey at the age of 7. In his youth, this would-be spartan often followed and assisted Dr. Halsey with her experiments. The child's full name was Ansgeirr Y...̴.̶̤̹̹̪̤͓.͔͙̻͎͓̜͈..̧͉͎͔̗.̹̼̼͕͟.̠͖̹ͅ.̸͈͉̣̱͖̭̫͝.̷̴̯̥̣̪̼̰̻̘ͅ.̧̭̺̠̝̪̫̩͘.҉̢̛̳̖̦̖̩̥̞̯͓̣̜ͅ.̨̝̰̖͙͖͓̹̻́͜.̴̪̼͚̠͇͇̺̺̩̳͚͇͟͟͠.̷̡̜̺̦͖̜̟̲͖͓͟ͅ.̩͖͖̪͕͇̫̖͓̼͙̭͢͞ͅ
Ę͎̠̤R̮̰̙̬̮ͅͅR͚̥̺Ǫ̘̳͉͚̼͚R̬̜:͙̫̝̼̹͕́ ̲̯̙͢ͅFi̴l̵̻̜̻̱̼̟e̳̦͓͕ ͓̙R̲̱̦͖͍͕ͅe̵p̩͜o̫̠͔̠̖͇̕ͅr̡̜t̳̯̫̙̼e̱d͈̥ ̘̹͓̙͕̱̟a̜͚s̩͈̫͇͟ ͉͍͙̝ͅT͚͓̥̙̫a̢̹̝͕̦ḿ̫͉͕p҉̼̪e͖͓͞r͎̯͔̲̙̦ͅe̥̲͈͙͕̣͝d̸̘̫͓̭̟̳̘
̪̗̻̺͍̀ͅE̖̝̪͖R̰͇̲̣̼R̡̼̻̦O̠̲̻̗̙͈̱͝R͓̼͎̮͓̺:̦̜̬̪̜̤̠͜ ̬̙D͍a̶̘ͅt͍̰͔̫͝ḁ̶͕̠̳ ̨̟͇̫͙l͕̻̰͚̬o̘̙͉͈̮̞̦s̯͍͜ͅs͕
͏͍̥͈͉̳ͅE̖͔̮̝͢R̥͈ͅṚ̹̺͙͍̣͘O͎͖̞̬͜R̺̜̺̣̜̖͝:̮ ̻͡ͅF̯̺̯̦̼͕̲͘i̩̻̖̬l̵̼ͅȩ͎̦̼̤ C̬͇͓̦͖̭o̞̼̞̺̝̰̘͘r͖͎̭̰̜ru̙͟p͕̲͓̬t̶̤̻͚̰͍e̝̲̠͎͢d͏͔̻̙
I̫̟̖̥ǹ̥̭̥̥̖̞f͉̥̩̻̯͝o̗̙͔̜̮̬ͅr̞͍͔͡ḿa̳̯̝̘̹ͅͅti̝͍͞o̸̰̗̤ṉ̷̠̩̱ ̧̱͙͚͚̜̦͈p̰̬̱u̻̩͉r̜̼̤͔̝͈g̭̫̝͎̙̰ͅe̛͉͔͖̮ḓ̺͚̻.̦̫͓͔̻̕

Information recovery: Final entry, Dr. Hals̪̱ey̹̳͎:
The pat̩̺̥́ient, coden͈͎̦amed S-128, was confirmȩ̼̣d d̦̲̬̱͍eceased. Age 15. Ca̞̯̕u̹̙͉͖̞̯s̵̹͚̠e: Sur̢̫gical Aug͉̖̰̺̣͉͞m̸͖͕͇ͅentation. Time o͘͏҉f death: 12:51͈̠PM 3͙͖͕ͅ1̜̣-AUG-2544. Di҉͉͍̖̺e̮͡ͅd̫͎̘̥̳̭̗ on a Monday.
The details above are only known remaining details about this individual that were recorded.
://END FILE//:​

Sorry that there isn't any more, Dr. Halsey was very thorough with this one.


[SIZE=3][CENTER][B]://ONI Sector Zero Tier Zulu Restricted Access//:[/B][/CENTER]
ONI1:~> $ User Login: Zulu1
:/$ su root
:/# cd /P1S0TZ/Ω/S128
:/# S128
User Access Granted_
To access Full Profile and Uncorrupted profile entries, see the [URL=""][U][B][sealed report][/B][/U][/URL].[/SIZE]

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• SPARTAN-098: Chris (King_of_Gondor12) | Spartan-II Class-I | Special Projects: Operation SYNC (mythical) | Team Name: Green Team| Rank: Team Leader | Dubai, UAE


Member DIN
[SPARTAN-124]: (MasterChief0624) | Spartan-II-Class-I || [Squad/Company]: Blue Team Delta Squad| Rank: Team Leader|| Miami, FL


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spartan-327 : Tom (Tac2002)
spartan-II- class II [experimental spartan project]
squad/company: Red team Ω co.(405th infantry/64th battalion PDX "hood Hellions")
position: team special weapons class
ship placement:UNSC - "spirit of fire"
home: Earth - Rota MP..[transfered] Salem OR



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[SPARTAN-198]: Cody (NinjaChicken) ll SPARTAN-II Class-II ll [Squad/Company]: Fireteam Nighthawk ll Rank: //CLASSIFIED// ll Moab, UT

And a brief ONI File on SPARTAN-198...

://ONI Personal File//:


Personal Data:
Name: Cody
UNSC ID Number: 31437-71998-CJ
Spartan Enlistment:10/3/2531
Birthdate: 8/12/2525
Home Planet: Earth

Biological Data:
Gender: Male
~Pre-augmentation - 6' 3"
~Post-augmentation - 7' 0"
~Pre-augmentation - 160 lbs.
~Post-augmentation - 256 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Brief Bio:
Spartan Cody-198 was one of the last new recruits to be enlisted into the Spartan-II program at the age of six. A rather quiet and reserved individual, he has never worked well with others. He has shown a natural aptitude in the fields of stealth, reconnaissance, and wilderness survival. Anything that doesn't require relying on other Spartans to get the job done, really. He has also shown a miraculous ability in the operation of vehicles, whether they be of human make or otherwise. He possesses a higher than normal accuracy with mid to far range weapons as well. As one of the last of the Spartan-II's, he was allowed to begin testing prototypes for new variations of MJOLNIR Battle Armor that would eventually be used with the new generation of Spartan-IV's. After completing basic Spartan training, he was assigned to a Special Operations strike team, dubbed Fireteam Nighthawk, along with one of his only friends from battle school, Spartan Bjorn-211. The two Spartans were tasked with finding and recovering MIA Spartans on the battlefield. Stealth was the name of the game, and Cody-198 fit the bill perfectly. Throughout the course of his career, he and Bjorn recovered a total of 27 Spartans previously listed as MIA. Not all of them came back home alive, however. Those who didn't were given a hero's retirement. Cody served admirably during the Battle of Reach during the year 2552. After the Fall, he stayed behind on the defeated planet to search for any surviving human life. Before his tracking beacon and communication signal were lost, he was known to be in the company of at least two other Spartans, Jun-A266 and Bjorn-211, as well as a small group of extremely lucky marines and ODST's. After the Human-Covenant Truce of 2553, the group was located in the ruins of New Alexandria along with a few other Spartans that had survived the war, alive and well after nearly a year. Bjorn and Cody went on to train Spartan-IV's onboard the UNSC Infinity, in the fields of wilderness survival and stealth-craft, where they are currently serving. The whereabouts of Jun are unknown.

Combat Ratings:
~Sharpshooting: 9
~CQC: 5
~Mid-Range: 9
~Explosive: 7
~Energy Weapons: 8
~Ground driving: 10
~Gunner: 6
~Air Units: 8

Armor Permutations:
~Hannibal Weapon Systems Deadeye Helmet
~Lethbridge Industrial Venator Torso
~Vestol Corporation Rogue Shoulders
~Mark VI Gauntlets

~BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
~Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel
~M6G Magnum Sidearm
~2X M6 Frag Grenade
~Series 12 Single Operator Lift Apparatus
Does that really count as brief? Anyways, might as well put mine just in case XD

://ONI Personal File//:

Spartan 098

Personal Data:
Name: Chris
UNSC ID Number: 016020998
Spartan Enlistment:24/3/2521
Birthdate: 02/09/2514
Home Planet: Eridanus II

Biological Data:
Gender: Male
-Without MJOLNIR - 6'11"
-With MJOLNIR - 7' 3"
-Without MJOLNIR - 135kg
-With MJOLNIR - 455.6kg
-Pre-augment - Light Brown
-Post-augment - White
-Pre-augment - Dark Blue
-Post-augment - Silver

Brief Bio:
SPARTAN-098 was inducted at the age of 5. From the start he displayed extraordinary intelligence and fitness, the only other trainee that he considered even close to an equal was SPARTAN-117. S-098 was a loner, he preferred to do everything by himself and it worked for him, he got top marks in all classes and especially excelled at Close Quarters Combat; something about seeing his targets eyes energized him. He seemed to have an interest in whatever was new, he took to practicing as much as he could and it has made him into the best soldier possible. S-098 is active, current location is //REDACTED//.

Combat Ratings:
-Sharpshooting: 10
-CQC:10 - Excelled
-Energy Weapons: 10
-Ground driving: 10
-Gunner: 10
-Air Units: 10

-HAZOP Specialised Helmet
-UA/Counter-Assault Chest piece
-CQC Left Shoulder
-ODST Right shoulder
-TacPad Forearm attachment
-FJ/Para Knee Plates
-Tactical Hardcase Leg attachment
Colors: Sage with Forest Green stripes

-Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Material
-MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System
-M6H Personal Defense Weapon System (Modified)
-Type-3 Refraction Dissonance Modifier


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spartan - c227 : Tac2002 {spartan-II- class II } // [squad/company] : Red team omega company// rank: Team rifleman(special weapons class) //ship placement{UNSC - "spirit of fire"
(crfv-88)} .status<active/classified>

Help me out, please try to limit all the info to a single line.
I don't even know where to start in regards to fixing this one...
Please read the directions again and refer to post #7 which shows how to fit your info in 1 line.
Feel free to copy that line and modify it based on which type of spartan you wish to be.

I'm not trying to be a dick, it just makes things A LOT easier for me to update the OP if I don't have to fix or shorten every person's info.

I do believe he said no //CLASSIFIED// stuff, if you don't wanna put it then leave it out completely if you must

It's fine, I just want people to be more creative than just using //CLASSIFIED// for everything.
Additionally, there will be the pressing issue of running out of character space in each of the posts. Perhaps I should have reserved more spots for posting...

SPARTAN-198: Cody (NinjaChicken) || SPARTAN-II Class-I || Unit: Pending... || Rank: //CLASSIFIED// || Moab, UT

You have been moved to the Class-II list. Class-I only includes up to #150.


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Does that really count as brief? Anyways, might as well put mine just in case XD

Psh... That's totally brief! I could write a few more pages if I wanted to! I think I might elaborate a bit more later. Right now, it's just the bare bones! And 098, hmm? I think you might have picked it for the same reason I picked 198!


SPARTAN-099: Alec (ADAWG99) | Spartan-II Class-I | Sp: Operation-Δ| Rank: Team Leader || Middlebury, VT

Name: Alec Poppenga
Spartan tag: S099
Home world: Earth
D.O.B.: Classified
Classification: Spartan II
Rank: Petty Officer
Armor: RED Mk 5 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor
Gender: Male
Weight: pre augmentation: 150 lbs. post augmentation: 260 lbs.
Height: 6' 2"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Blood type: O-Negative

Brief Bio: This spartan prefers to use a pistol and is very agile in the field. He is a lone wolf who excelled at warthog driving during his training on Reach.


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So, I've gone back, and I've edited the Spartan-II Class-I list to show all of the open spots.
I've also added just about everyone.

SPARTAN-099: Alec (ADAWG99) | Spartan-II Class-I | Sp: Operation-Δ| Rank: Team Leader || Middlebury, VT

Name: Alec Poppenga
Spartan tag: S099
Home world: Earth
D.O.B.: Classified
Classification: Spartan II
Rank: Petty Officer
Armor: RED Mk 5 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor
Gender: Male
Weight: pre augmentation: 150 lbs. post augmentation: 260 lbs.
Height: 6' 2"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Blood type: O-Negative

Brief Bio: This spartan prefers to use a pistol and is very agile in the field. He is a lone wolf who excelled at warthog driving during his training on Reach.

I don't typically like to quote entire posts, but this is a great example. Awesome!!! :D
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