Starting A MC Helmet In clay

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Hey all,
I don't want to buy the Helmet, I think i'll do mine. My couzin finance my work so, it's nice. I'm pretty good in scuplture and I think in a few days, i'll have a helm in the style of BlueRealm :p (I don't think but, I can try !)

I will work almost every day on it so, i'm not gonna be on the forum for a bit. I gonna update every week my post so you gonna see how I advance in my project. If it's good, I'll do ALL the Armor. So, have a nice day :p

(P.S. What is the best thing for mold an Helm? Rubber or other??? thx to awnser :p)
pepakura is what i use, and i'm already done with my first helm, its pretty dang fast, and there are easy ways to strengthen the cardstock (strong paper) that u use, i'm going to hot glue the entire inside of my pieces of armor, then i'm gunna use krylon sealant on it to seal it, which makes it more sturdy, and then, for the finishing touch, i'm going to use acrylic paint to make it look real, :lol: its very simple to do, and i'll post pics of it as soon as i download them on2 my comp ;)
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