Starting my new MA5C AR

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Spartan 270

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I started working on a second AR. Here's my progress...


And the other side.

Well thats my progress so far. And yes there is scotch tape there. Its only temporary, I need it to hold some parts in place while the glue hardens. So what do you think?
very nice.

but dont you think you should work on one thing at a time.
keepup the good work.

o and for the chaingun. maybe you should try epoxy putty to hold the barrels in place so you donthave as much tape on it.
just a thought.
just your stuff comes out much better when you focus on one thing at a time thats all. but if you are comfortable with proceed.
Ya, i know, i work at one at a time but have multiple projects to do. So like one month ill be working on one specific thing, the next month ill be working on other things. ;-) I focus on one at a time, right now im really focussing on my chaingun.
I admit. I've seen some cardboard ARs on this site that weren't all that impressive. Pretty crappy, to be exact. But this one pwns them all. Nice work.
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