Starting on my MC Helmet

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Alright so after walking 3 miles home with a 25 lb bag of clay in hand, I am now ready to start working on my helmet. Anyways, I wont have pics for at least 1 more week because i ordered a foam beauty head from ebay. one that actually looks real since the usual foam heads look too fake. anyways, im not sure what brand clay I got because it doesnt say on the bag, but its clay haha. I am hoping that in the future when I have my own house I can make this a business of constantly making armor/helmets and selling them.

First things first. Steps!

Step one, perfectly sculpt helmet

Step two, Apply 20 layers of latex (yes 20 layers for the helmet because i want the best quality.)

Step three, Glass!
If you want the best quality don't use latex

Latex is a volcanic rubber, you better use a two part silicon.

Latex has a shrinkage per cent of 40. This means that you mold would be a lot smaller that you first made it.
hmm, i used it on my energy sword handle and it was fine. But if you guys say so then ok. i guess it would be easier with the two part silicon since i can apply some sort of a mold release without worrying about compatibility, thanks man, that never came to my mind to use.
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