State "Forward Observers"


Executive Officer & RCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
As we are sure you are aware, all our Regiments currently cover large geographic areas. Robert Letts in the Southern Regiment spearheaded the idea of local “Advisors” to help the Regimental Command Staff keep up with their members spread across these large areas. We wanted to follow their example and implement these earlier this year, but World Events caused us to shift our focus to other priorities. Even though we are all still adjusting to the age of Covid-19, the 405th and our Regiment have continued to grow and see increased engagement here on the Forums and in our Facebook Groups. Additionally, while many of our regular conventions and event opportunities have been cancelled, we remain optimistic about the future.

As such, in an effort to prepare for our continued growth, event opportunities, and to better manage the large number of members we have and to help get to know people on a more personal level, the Midwest Regiment Command Staff has decided to continue on with implementing this new Advisory Position specifically for our Regiment, and for consistency's sake have decided to stick with Southern Regiment’s naming convention and use the Forward Observer (or F.O. for short) terminology.

The responsibilities of FO will be to:

Maintain and report on State Events and Cons
Aid in State Members getting updated and onboarded to Regimental Status
Communicate to State Membership
Organize or Help Organize Local Build Events
Report to Regiment Command Staff

The following members have stepped up to serve in this capacity for their respective states.

Missouri: Megan, Fallen
Wisconsin: Heath, he4thbar
Indiana: Nate, ixRainShadowxi
Minnesota: Jeff, JeffN02
Michigan: Alex, Negativecacti
Kansas: Bryce, SGT Razor

If you have questions or ideas about local events, Regimental Membership, Deployment, or any other topics, they can serve as your first point of contact in your area.

We look forward to working with them to better serve you.


Executive Officer & RCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
Where can I post con status for Minnesota cons? Is this the place or is there somewhere better?

Dirtdives maintains a list of popular conventions for each Regiment in the main "Conventions and Prop Parties section. The MidWest thread is here:

As the FO, you can also feel free to create a thread here in our Section for general info and the status of Popular Minnesota cons.