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I'm just wondering what kind of weird, wacky, possibly obsessive things you do while playing the Halo games (either campaign or multiplayer).

For example, I will work for several minutes to get a vehicle into an area where vehicles aren't supposed to go. Anyone who gets in my way gets plowed down. It doesn't matter whether the vehicle holds any tactical value or not. If you've never landed a Warthog onto the Scarab in the Metropolis level, you don't know what you're missing.

I will seek out specific marines to accompany me in a vehicle, going as far as ejecting my current passengers to make room. I'm not talking about "Hey, there's a marine with a rocket launcher! I want him on my team!" No, I mean I will seek out the marines voiced by Laura Prepon (Donna from 70s Show... then I can pretend Master Chief is Eric Forman) and David Cross and ensure that they come with me wherever I go.

I will do anything to get and keep human weapons. Sometimes I will carry around a spent rifle and melee attack instead of picking up a Covenant weapon. I've grown to love the Flood because I know they are basically walking ammunition lockers.

In similar fashion, I will carry around an energy sword with no charge instead of picking up a new weapon. There's something about punching a Brute to death that appeals to me.

In co-op, since only one player shows up in the cut scenes, I will kill my teammate before the cut scene begins for the sake of continuity. Often his body will remain in the shot while the cut scene plays, and I can pretend I get a new partner at the end of the level. If I don't kill him, I pretend he's waiting in the hallway or behind a tree or something.

So there's mine... I guess the game isn't entertaining enough for me and I have to make up my own scenarios. Anybody else got any?
I can go through the entire level of Metropolis with the Warthog that I'm given. I'll try to record it and post it, but I can do it.
I always like getting the Sputnik skull then getting the banshee out of the tunnel then grabbing both the scarab gun and the soccer ball from Metropolis.
My friend and I have been known to bicker continuously in weird voices and with a multitude of swearing while trying to shoot one another in the crotch from across a map in multiplayer...We even do commentary for the reactions of our respective characters... It actually gets pretty funny listening to me shout profanity while trying to snipe at his cloaked character. Spotting that deformity in the snow can be a little tough, and my aim is horrible.

If I can ever get my hands on a digital camera with decent sound and picture, I'll record a match of Halo 3 and put it up on youtube. I say Halo 3 because he sould his xbox and games(yes, halo 2 as well) to get some PS3 games to play at his other friends and my Halo 2 got stolen. I don't plan to replace it until after I get my Halo 3.
He sold Halo 2 for a PS3??? A Waffle Maker??? On Halo 3, kill him as brutally as you can... :evil: (comedy anger, though I hate PS3)

A console made by sony also called
Piece of S**t 3.

back on topic i love to teabag everyone i kill and when i get headshot with sniper rifle i scream headshot!
Another thing I do, is I get pissed and rengeful when Michelle Rodriguez's Marine is killed... she's bad-ass.
No, he didn't sell it for a PS3, he sold it for some PS3 games....But it was still just as stupid...I looked at him afterword and reminded him that my Halo 2 had been stolen and that I could've used a donation. He apologized and said he'd completely forgotten I was in need of a new Halo 2....It was pretty funny to watch. And yes, I plan to brutally murder him in Halo 3...I'll probably go to his house with my 360 as soon as I get it so I can play on XBL, or just whoop him at it. The bad part is that he actually got to play the beta and I didn't...;_;
yeah I go out of my way to get certain marines in my vehicle mainly the Pete Stacker Sgt Character with the hat

getting the gauss hog on the scarab with stacker ridin shotgun with a shotgun and banks and his backpack on the cannon is tons of fun watchin anything near thats not human get sent of the scarab in a one way trip

I will go out of my way to get certain character models certain weapons just so they look good and can still do damage (ex: odst usually end up with covie sniper or carbine)

if certain marines die I will go back to a checkpoint and keep replaying until I save them and try to stack up marines as I go along the level

and on the high charity level where you gotta save the 5 marines I go ut of my way to equip them with carbines....or brute plasma rifles if no carbines are avaliable

(try that last one on easy to heroic the marines slaughter drones and brutes this way)
I do the same thing with human weapons on Halo 1 on Legendary. It's just seems so much more right. hehe

In both H1 and H2 multiplayer whenever I get a really fun or crazy kill or a back-klack, I yell "AHKACHA!" the second they die. It's like a super shortened version of "I got ya". Try saying it really fast and you'll see what I mean.
in Halo 2 on tombstone I always have to shoot the explosive barrel near the ramp. if I don't do that, I feel like i'll play like crap.
It's really obsessive.

In the game, I don't really do anything too wacky... I did, however, get the warthog stuck in a place you shouldn't have in campain.
Sarge Christi said:
in Halo 2 on tombstone I always have to shoot the explosive barrel near the ramp. if I don't do that, I feel like i'll play like crap.
It's really obsessive.

In the game, I don't really do anything too wacky... I did, however, get the warthog stuck in a place you shouldn't have in campain.


I think we missed you : P

But yeah, I know how that is :agree:
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Another thing I've thought of:
Immediately before encountering the Wraith tanks past the bridge in Metropolis, I will leave my tank and my rocket launcher-equipped team and insist on boarding the Wraiths to destroy them. There's something hilarious to me about the tank spinning around in circles trying to fling me off while being bombarded with mortars and plasma (from the other tank) intended for me.
For the longest time, I had absolutely no idea there was a warthog at the bridge sitting next to the scorpion tank...I just never noticed it. First time i took it for a spin though, I just kinda rolled straight across the bridge, ignoring everything. 'Twas mildly entertaining...

Though, on the subject of wacky things, has anyone else seen the 'Best Double Kill' video on youtube?
I Always intend on jsut jumping the hart hog. like with grenades, cliffs. Sort of like jump tactics stuff.
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