Stretch's DF4L Smooth Helm!

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Try FS's helmet afterwards, i's so friggin detailed it took me a week to do, doing danni's which I never did bother to complete took me 2 or 3 days, I dont remember, I just got it almost done, I just need to put on 2 small pieces, but too lazy too.


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Well, I've got my helm resined and dremeled, here's some pics:

You might notice in these pics that there is a small section of FS's uber-detailed helm (the nose/jaw part) "sitting" on my helm. I'm going to resin and paint that separately, then attach it to the helm after it is all painted. What I'm going for here is the appearance that it all isn't one single piece, since if it were a real helmet, it would likely be made up of several individual pieces. I'm going to be doing similar things in other areas of the helm, like under the brim, and on the sides where the visor ends... but all that will come in later.

I also have a question I'd like to ask...I'm planning on sanding the hell out of the helm to get a nice round appearance on the top. I figure there are two ways I can approach this:

1) Build up a thick layer of resin on the inside then a layer of glass, and sand directly on the resined outside, using minimal amounts of bondo where needed.
2) Just put a layer of glass on the inside, build up the outside with bondo, and sand the bondo to get that smooth look

What do y'all think?
I would resin the outside then the inside then glass inside then resin inside like hell.
Then sand to round.Then light bondo. Sand. Bondo .Sand Spot fill .Sand
im pretty sure you can just resin the outside once fiberglass the inside, then sand down the outside where the rough spots and edges are then bondo over that.
basically the suggested way of doing things.
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