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I need to know what is next after making all my parts from pepakura

because im done with making all my parts out of card stock except for the left bicep and fore arm and right fore arm

so i want to know what is next
after folding? or printing? OR glueing? XD, well you have to get fiberglass resin, and then theres some tutorials on what to do from there (look around there should be a sticky in the "pepakura" section i think)
ok just fiber glass resin it with fiber glass resin and liquid hardener after that anything else beside painting and details with the optional bondo or is bondo necessary for the structure to stay in good shape and im done putting it all together and ive tried the peices on and besides them falling off slightly it fits well but ill use velcrow to keep it from falling
If you resin and fiberglass your pieces, Bondo wont be for structural integrity, it will be for details and smoothing out the "mountains and valleys" that pep pieces have.... totally not necessary.
ok so bondo isnt necessary and sorry for not using periods but i usually do not use periods since this isnt a essay or anything so sorry.
so just fiberglass and paint i guess right? if thats it ill be done in about a week or 2 i just need those questions answered and thats about it plz and thank you in advanced.
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