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I have 3d printed the helmet and suit but i can not find what to attach the suit to ,i went to MegaCon 2024 Orlando this month and talk to the guys there and they use a suit that unzips in the middle ,Amy/navy stores do not carry so i am stuck ,any ideas,an
Halo Helmet.jpg
Halo Armour.jpg
please ,and yes that is a full length chain mail suit i made although it might made a good cross over event
Welcome to the 405th Smiler007!

For a basic undersuit, you will want a "Dive Skin" made of lycra or a Morphsuit. Avoid Neoprene if possible, you will overheat in a material like that.
Here are a few examples:
(At one point there was an Etsy seller that sold Halo 5 undersuits, but I cannot find them at the moment)

IMPORTANT: If you are a male, I recommend buying a "dance belt" to wear underneath your suit as well.

Here are a few tutorials to help you mount your armor:

If you are looking to make your own custom undersuit, we have plenty of threads about doing so.

Best of luck!
I wear black compression clothes under my suit. I made a belt with suspenders to hold up the thigh pieces. I’ll link the post in my build thread for how I did my under suit


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