swatdojo's pepakura armor

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Finally finished my helmet!!!

I got cooling fans, led's, and foam in. The visor is set. four 9v batteries and wires run it and i'm finally done.

my other pieces are spraypainted. i just have to add foam and elastic/velcro to them tomorrow and ill be set for halloween






Ill post pictures of the other armor tomorrow.


Well i've finished fiberglassing my helmet and quite a few other pieces now. So heres a pic of my helmet with a little bit of bondo, primer and the visor in. Its not done yet though. I've only put bondo on the bill and the top and have just started sanding. but i sprayed it with some dark green i'm not going to be using as the final color to see what it would kinda look like when i'm done.






I'm almost done with gluing the pepakura's and i wanted to see what you guys think of what i have so far.


i just finished the calf pieces right now (and this picture was from yesterday) and i'm working on scaling the boot pieces.

for my pepakura's i actually had to do some adjusting by cutting a section from a regular height scaled pepakura and folding it over to make it skinnier without losing length. (i hope that sentence makes sense). i think it looks better that way.
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looks really good.. and thanks for the idea i never thought of folding the paper over some.. might do that... lol but it looks really good.. awsome job
Are you wearing the lower torso peice too low? it seems like too much space inbetween your stomach to the lower torso/crotch peice....over all armor looks awsome.
yeah actually that was the piece i did the cutting alterations to right before i took that picture so i hadn't really measured to see where it should fall yet. i fixed that part today.
How did you wear the torso? I cant get mine on because of my shoulders are too wide to fit into the bottom section of the torso, I'm skinny like you, but couldnt get it on, I'm thinking of cutting the torso in half after resining, like stormtrooper armor.
the torso is in two parts: the back pack and the chest plate. in this pic the four points are connected just with some scotch tape for demo purposes. but when i'm done fiberglassing i'm going to keep them together with buckles at the four points

thanks for the support!
im trying to do my foot right now but its just a bit too wierd one of the sizes is biggerand going over the dotted line see what i mean
killermckiller said:
im trying to do my foot right now but its just a bit too wierd one of the sizes is biggerand going over the dotted line see what i mean

yeah thats how its supposed to be you just line the two halves up and glue those together when you cut em out.
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You might be able to use the cut tool in pep and cut it into two peices, it will automatically form a tab and number telling you where to glue if you set numbering on.
so were would the cut option be at?? and for the numbering to glue right i go to configuration then edge id configuration correct or just have the option dotted on 2DPatternWindow as show id number correct and what should the font size be for the edge id configuration. and can some one plz check my topic and see if i got all the materials and were i can get them at??

To split pieces that are too large in pepakura designer...

Right click anywhere, then select Join/Disjoin Face tool...

Hover over the piece, you will get green dissection lines for a preview...

Click where you want it to cut...

It assigns numbers to the new flaps automatically.

yea but if i do what i said in my previous post and i print it out will it put numbers were to glue at?? on each part....
Yes, new numbers are added to both sides automatically after you make a cut. What you see on the screen is how it will print.

The default font size for the numbers is 12 and should not need to be changed.

If your menu looks like the picture below, you should be able to see the edge ids on the pieces.


Is that what you meant?

yes and ty now i can get to work but i wounder do i got all my mats i need cause no one replyed on the topic i posted so im not shure if i got all the mats down so i can start right away.
1.card stock 110lbs
2.detail sander
3.scotch tape
4.elmers glue
5.Bondo Fiberglass resin with hardener
6.Fiberglass cloth of some kind, witch best recommended??
7.Minimum of 2 Paintbrushes *at least one inch in diameter
8.Something to sand with that has a med-fine grit (power sander preferred, also sanding sponges, and or sandpaper)
9.Disposable container to mix resin in
10.Poster board or something that you can set the piece on while you work on it and not get resin everywhere
Proper safety equipment (resperator, protective eyewear etc.) this stuff is TOXIC/carcinogenic/etc
11.some bondo body filler can make life easier by reinforcing some pieces


You'll see at the store "fiberglass cloth" and fiberglass mat". Most people use the "cloth" (cause it's lighter, etc., you can read more on the fiberglass tuts).
It costs $5 for 8 sqft. and looks like this:


You will need multiple packages of this. How many exactly will depend on your height and how many layers you do. I think I bought about 4 for mine.

I used more in the neighborhood of 10-12 brushes. You'll be surprised and saddened by how many brushes you kill. 1 inch diameter is good. /nod.

I bought 5 plastic containers for like $2. You can reuse them if you line them with foil or allow the resin to cure and just pop it out of the bottom later. It's also very nice if they have ounces measurements on the side.

Oh yes, and get some disposable gloves. I ran thru a 12 pack cause they get so sticky with resin lol

Other than that: there's the exciting stuff like Primer, Paint, and Top Coat. Um... led lights, visors, and under clothing for the finished deal of course.

You'll prolly still make a few trips to the store, but maybe this helps save some of that.

Everything else looks good.

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Worst part about these suits....cutting out the pieces and finding the corresponding numbers beneath a mountain of paper.

The rest is easy :whistle:
actually so far the worst part for me has been trying to fiberglass... it unravels, is difficult to get to stay on corners, it bunches up and strings of it get everywhere. i also think my helmet is warping just a tiny bit (it's a bit wider than normal) but that's ok for now because i've only done one layer of fiberglass and when i do a second i can put it between a couple boxes to dry it into shape. here's my armor with the visor that came in yesterday.

Thats turning out nicely. I like it alot. Seems more and more now that people are finishing their pep suits and soon we're going to have enough people to actually make a Batallion :p

Looks awesome, keep it up.
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