swatdojo's pepakura armor

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I would suggest getting a box of vinyl gloves... Then you don't got to buy new ones and you can just throw them out if they get too sticky and put another pair on...

The box I got had I believe 50 pairs of gloves which is 100 single gloves...

This is just an example picture... It's not the actual ones that I got...

You will want VINYL gloves... NOT LATEX... The latex ones are hard to get on and they are just a hassle...

well i was using latex gloves and they are a bit annoying.

i'm not sure if anyone else had to do this but when i got my visor it was too big. so i had to cut a coffee can, bend that, and then glue it to make it same shape as the helmet.




also how are you supposed to attach it to the helmet? do you just glue it or cut a slit in the upper part and slide it up?
That coffee can thing is a good idea! As far as attaching it to the helmet, i'm not sure. I'm not that far along with my own armor yet :whistle:

I'm interested to see how you end up doing that though, it seems like there isn't too much info on actually attaching the visor.
I was wondering, where did you get the visor from... if you could tell me that would be awesome... thanks
You need to trim the edges around where you have to put the visor... Also I let the pressure of the visor trying to pull back into place keep mine in... If you see the side part that indents... Thats what holds mine upfront... :)... No black silicon and if I need to repaint it I just pop it out and spray...
Hoping to start my chest plate today. I started my helmet, but soon found out it was too small, so i have to re-print and cut :(

Hope to god my chest plate is fine size wise.
I'm nearing completion of fiberglassing all my armor (i think theres like 4 more pieces left) so i figured i'd put a pic up of my helmet so far.

Its not done though. i've only bondo'd the top and the bill. and thats not the color i'm using either. just for demonstration purposes




Nice job, but I don't understand why you used a coffe can ? :whistle:

And guys, how long are your flaps in the settings. Mine looks terrible...
i used a coffee can because it had the sturdiest rim. i used it to hold the curve of the visor. otherwise it was too wide and wouldnt fit
Interesting idea with the coffee can... but the fiberglass should be strong enough to keep the visor in shape without affecting the helm really... is this not the case here?
well i had bought a different kind of visor so it didnt bend as easily. when i tried to just press it forward it would pop back out immediately
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