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Hey, I'm trying to make a sword, not just any other plasma sword. I'm talking fully detailed metal plated handle with on/off switch, pexiglass sword outline, and the beam like the thingy they use on those really nice light sabers from master replicas. Does any one have any ideas on how to acciave this
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Talk to sean about this, and note THERE IS A PROP WEAPON FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, but i'm making the handle out of a mold, so I thought that this would be the right place to put it. BTW what is a cheep mold that will last thought about 4 moldings?
I don't know of any mold that is like that. But *shrugs*

For just doing a handle, you can get a pint or so of rebound 25 and do it. Pretty cheap I'm sure ($50?)
you do realize that the master replicas sabers are 100 each

i can tell you the insides though
*sigh* dont ask how i know what they look like

its a timing circut connected to several leds the length of the blade
when current is suplied a series of switches close from bottom to top and open in reverse
giving the effect of light zooming out and back into the saber handle

you could save money by using lytec
or you could buy 300 leds at $1.50 a shot

Good to know.. I'll be dissecting one of these soon to try to reverse engineer it for my next model of sword.

Thanks for the info!
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