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So anyway i've got access to large quantities of big sheets of acrylic, so i can cut out a sword and probably rig a decent looking handle (electrical tape lol). my question is how to implant LEDs to make the whole thing glow blue. im not about to embed glow wire through the whole thing, just wondering if i can slap a few LEDS on the hilt to make the whole thing glow a bit blue. thx for the tips


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I sanded one side of the acrylic so it would catch the light. I suggest 2 or 3 LEDs on each blade though. I wasn't happy with the evenness of the light on mine.


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I would sand it also but i would use either a super fine grit sand paper like wet sanding, or you could use a fine grade steel wool, the purpose for this is it will scuff up the surface enough to make the light coming through catch and glow but wont look scratchy or un-even it will give it a smooth yet frosted surface, in fact you could mask off like a lightning/ electric design and sand around that, so that there are areas that are clear and some froted, you could do that on both sides and if you don't like it you can just sand the whole thing and it should glow amazingly.
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