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Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by nintendstroid, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. nintendstroid

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    first up shirts,

    Hej peeps,

    Asgardianhammer has been so kind to do a quick mockup of the shirt
    I'm getting some quotes on shipping, pricing etc.

    I wanna get it with either username or name on the shoulder.
    So a bit of a custom shirt for each.

    Anyone intersted in a first run. the more people want it the cheaper its going to be.

    I will update on prices asap.



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  2. Chernobyl

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    I wouldn't mind one of the grey shirts - monochrome is fine, but I prefer my shirts with a little colour to them. I may order two, if possible. And while we're at it - would I be able to have my rank of 'Librarian' on the shirt sleeve?
  3. Masky

    Masky New Member

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    I like the ones with the logo on the front
  4. Derek Sharkner

    Derek Sharkner New Member

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    i like the grey whit the logo on the back :D
  5. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Well-Known Member

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    I'd love one or two... Gray or both. O_O
  6. DatedRhyme713

    DatedRhyme713 New Member

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    What size we going up to i would love either a grey one or a black one just as long as i can get one in XXXL

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